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Many readers’ questions referred to coil dimensions for particular antennas.

[sdiy] Anyone need any transistors? I got lots and lots…

This gives your output tube a less than ideal load, and the extra current 2n3463 for oflF resonance operation does a nice job of heat- ing your output stage. A separate control knob enables the user to set the meter to full scale in the usual manner. Then there are financial arrangements to complete. This article describes a long antenna for use on a short lot.

If the relav showed at least 60 dB isolation for the band it was operating in, and the trans- datasheey power input 2n643 normally less than watts, it was left in service.

The wife sat down and waited. The hands will be separated about 24 datasneet apart, and the long side of tlie rod wiU be extended directly out in front of you.

The walls of our now much larger house became covered with certificates, curhng at the edges. This beam uses a 15 ft. This latter may be omitted if you like; it is simply connected across the key and serves to keep the circuit oscillating should datashdet want both hands free to set spot 18 73 MAGAZINE DB — A Curious Animal One of the most talked about, and least understood, facts of radio, is that of dB gain.

If the signal generator has its attenuator calibrated in dB, then no slide rule work is needed, only the subtrac- tion of one reading from the other, Tests were made on dataaheet number of relays over the range of from 28 to MHz. This particular track was plainly visible datashest a distance of about fifty feet. You will probably find that the two points are separated by several feet. If he gives you anything less than S-8, don’t botlier to go back to lum.

It sure beats crawling behind equip- ment to unscrew connectors when changing receivers or bands, I have found it very con- venient in my shop as I am constantly chang- ing antennas to test out various pieces of home brew equipment. Picture above shows typical layout.

  ASCO 8210G PDF

The fel- low was limited on his German and he would ask for a repeat here and there and sometimes would ask for an English version of datqsheet Sometimes she would not give it to him in English and he would still datawheet trying to figure it out for days later. Therefore the antennas are more efficient at higher frequencies.

For the purposes of this article, TU assume the link in the transmitter which you have built is proportioned properly and just go through the ways to make it operate. The isolation readings obtained at first are listed below for MHz.

Some amatemSj on DXpeditions, have been using call signs that they themselves in- vented for the purpose and which are reg- istered nowhere officially.

Any antenna relay should have more than 60 dB of attenuation between the send and re- ceive positions. Then what you need is to ship out and find out for your- self.

Weak signal reception then be- comes a thing adtasheet the past and local con- tacts are all that are left. For specifications send for our illustrated catalog. One form is shown in Fig- 1, which someone developed quite a few years ago. It was intended to do wonders on and 20 meters. The next project, if you want to call it that, was a two-meter band edge marker, A single transistor tripled with a timed out- dtaasheet at MHz was link coupled to the OX oscillator— in about ten minutes I had a crystul controlled marker.

Hints for the QSL sender: Can we give you some references? dataaheet

Full text of “73 Magazine (March )”

To meet the many requests for a low-priced solid state TV camera kit, we have made avail- able from our factory stock the following parts which eatasheet can assemble at very little additional espense into a superb TV camera- Included m the kit are the following: Try communicating once in a while and your enjoyment of ham radio mav increase. Complete with vidicon and lens. Tune your Antenna for Optimum Performance with this new antenna noise bridge from omega-t.

I datasheet everyone to always place tlieir full address with ZIP CODE on every fonn they send me, this means the address of the stations that qualify even when they suhmit their cards to a Certification Club. The final part is element six which consists of multiple-choice ques- tions on advanced radiotelegraph pertaining to technical topics, message format and rout- ing, and marine radio navigation.

Just to be on the safe side I took a raoonhght inventory and sure enough there in a box was my supply of p. I always put “X” after the station call to indicate that it has been answered- T use a red ball-point pen and make another X in the upper right comer of the card which has been answered.


2N_PDF Datasheet Download IC-ON-LINE

The definition or location of this point is not too difficult, especially on 6 meters, since the 6 meter band has not been a spectacular DX band, skip conditions ex- cluded, and ground wave reception, even when conditions are favorable, do not ex- tend regularly for thousands of miles, there- fore a six meter NBFM signal can fall easily within this “point”.

More detailed information on the components and systems can be obtained by writing Harvey Hunt, Whistler Electron- ics Bryant Stieet, Northridge, Cali- fornia.

This produces rf output and an arc in the an- tenna relay contacts as it switches from transmit to receive, unless this relay opera- tion is delayed a fraction of a second. All three forms of protection should be used, especially with transistor converters or receivers. Pre- tuned for full coverage on each band. You have increased your watts to an equavalent of watts assuming no stacking lossA stacked 2b3643 certainly is cheaper than doubling tjour transmitter power.

Most of the writers datashdet to liide tlieir envy and appreci- ation behind some accusation such as ‘Tcook” and “jerk.

The little beam brought back pleasant memories of past contests during the favor- able portion of the sunspot cycle. A good rule to remember when using any V. They ask how do you get started in this business? Highly directional conical monipole and uhf antennas were part of the antenna replacements at Byrd station. Almost all of us get mad when we are wrong and it is pointed out.

Since most receivers have a better signal-to-noise ratio if somewhat mismatched, a 6 dB pad was connected in series with the coax lead to the receiver front end. This book presents a datashedt l ac1cground for understanding magnetic- tape units which are coming into wide use for information storage.

You hear foghorns blowing on the damp, on-shore wind, and you decide its time to start thinking about getting a ship and getting underway. Coast and Geodetic Survey, or on a re- search vessel belonging to the several xatasheet ographic institutes.