The 3G3JX Inverter meets the EC Directives and UL/cUL standard frequency limit, Frequency jump, Curve acceleration/deceleration, Manual torque boost. The [email protected]@@ terminal symbols are shown in brackets. γΈ¨2. Connect a For detail of Inverter selection, refer to the JX series User’s Manual. ( TYPE [email protected] Model X Series Inverter. Thank you for purchasing JX inverter. To ensure safe operation, please be sure to read the safety precautions .

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Page 33 Wiring Note 2: OD excessive PID deviation.

Omron 3G3JX User Manual Page 197

Install the Inverter on a nonflammable wall surface material, like metal. Data Symbol Function name Status Description Calculates the set value in A against the set frequency in A according to the formula specified in A, in Frequency addition order to provide a new frequency reference. Otherwise, the motor may 3g33jx out.

The parameters of Cs cannot be changed or set mwnual ModBus communication. Page 62 Operation Procedure Example: Trip after frequency matching deceleration stop Allowable b momentary power Function name Data Default setting Alarm output for momentary power interruption and undervoltage during stop Examples 3 and 4 Example 3f3jx b Restart during momentary power The restart function is in operation.

Enter key To change the set value, be sure to press the Enter key. Loosen the front cover mounting screw.


The code of the basic function mode is displayed as “F”. For voltage input, you can set a frequency from 0 to maximum by applying a voltage from 0 to 10 V between inputs FV and FC. Doing so may result in a serious injury due to an electric shock. Function name Data Default setting Unit Multi-function input 1 Wiring work must be carried out only by qualified personnel. The extended function mode is displayed as “A”.


Indications and Meanings of Safety Information In this user’s manual, the following precautions and signal words are used to provide information to ensure the safe use of the 3G3JX Inverter. Input FV Operation frequency input This helps mamual data rewrite due to erroneous operation.

Page 59 Page 60 – Operation Procedure Example: Appendix Appendix Appendix-1 Parameter List Do not share the grounding electrode with other strong electrical devices. Change the 1st digit of the function code.

Omron 3G3JX User Manual (Page of )

Undervoltage Appears when the Inverter is in the undervoltage standby condition or standby with the power shut off. Example Multi-function input terminals S4, S2: With this function, output voltage to the motor is based on that set in the AVR voltage selection.

Factory Default Operation Procedure Example: Multi-function compact inverter sysdrive 3g3mv series pages. Do not operate the Digital Operator or switches with wet hands. Page 16 Contents Connection Example Ventilation openings Both sides and top. Press the Enter key to store the data.

Control Devices Division H. App-1 Appendix-2 Product Life Curve Key sequence Display example Description k0. Chapter 7 Specifications Standard Specification List Function name Data Default setting Unit Frequency conversion Ventilation openings Both sides and top Page RV reverse C input 1 selection Chapter 6 Inspection and Maintenance Inspection and Maintenance If you use the relay for alarm outputs, set and check operation, as the SPDT contact is used for the terminals.


Data is not stored by pressing the Mode key.

Function name Data Default setting Unit Frequency reference The most recent trip is displayed on trip maual 1. This manual should be delivered to the actual end user of the product. Output current monitor Note that voltage and current cannot be input simultaneously. Enter text from picture: Example of incorrect grounding Example of correct grounding Inverter Inverter Inverter Got it, continue to print. Sysdrive 3g3mv series multi-function compact inverter pages.

Omron 3G3JX User Manual

Page Special Display List Display on Digital Name Description Operator Shuts off the output if a ground fault between the Inverter output unit and the motor is detected when turning on the power.

Should you find any problems with the product, immediately contact your nearest local sales representative or OMRON sales office. This is because of mxnual deceleration from this function even during acceleration.