Tube or Röhre ID, Triode, vacuum, Nuvistor and Universal shown. Radio tubes are valves. Find great deals for NOS Vacuum Tube Jan RCA Nuvistor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The nuvistor is a type of vacuum tube announced by RCA in Most nuvistors are basically – First one released, medium mu triode; – Sharp cutoff tetrode; – triode for low plate voltages; – triode, with plate cap & grid.

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The schematic of the 6CW4 grounded-cathode pre-amplifier in the July issue of Practical Television. The small size and rugged construction of the Nuvistor would seem to make it ideal for use in military muvistor. Unlike in a glass-based valve there is no getter structure, whose function is to eliminate the last traces of any remaining gasses after the valve has been evacuated and sealed.

For good UHF performance the Nuvistor was designed to have low inter-electrode capacitance, especially the grid to anode capacitance; high transconductance; a high amplification factor; and a low noise factor.

The Nuvistor was the final evolution of the thermionic valve as a general purpose active circuit element. The VF was used in the war in portable field radios, and was not manufactured after the war, and suitable valves were selected from what limited stocks still existed. juvistor

The electromagnetic pulse EMP produced by a nuclear explosion is likely to disable any transistor stages of a radio and so just protecting the front end is probably not enough. RCA’s semiconductor division was doing well and intimately involved with transistor and integrated circuit development and manufacture.

There was cold logic behind having nuclear-hardened hardware in manned military equipment, whether it was Russian or made in the West. They feature excellent VHF and UHF performance plus low noise figures, and were widely used throughout the s in television sets beginning with RCA’s “New Vista” line of color sets in with the CTC chassisradio and high-fidelity equipment primarily in RF sections, and oscilloscopes. The answer is probably ‘yes’. The way the ‘long’ and ‘short’ pins protrude through the ceramic base wafer can be seen.


Some useful links are at: I think it’s easier to get valve data today than ever, because of the heroic actions of people who have entered manufacturers’ data from scratch, scanned data sheets into pdf and gif format and made them available on the Internet. The 6F12 was Mazda’s version of the ubiquitous ‘ EF91 ‘ pentode.

Valve Competition to the Nuvistor By the late s high frequency valve technology was well advanced and nuvitor already passed the 1GHz operating frequency point. RCA Electronics introduces the tube of tomorrow Called the Nuvistor, this thimble-sized tube is likely to start a revolution in electronics.

7586 NOS Vacuum Tube Jan RCA Nuvistor

Potentiometer digital Variable capacitor Varicap. Innovation at the End of the Valve Era The development of the Nuvistor in the lates was probably the last major innovation in receiving valve technology, coming as it did towards the end of the era of thermionic device domination.

These ‘short’ pins support the internal structure, 5786 with the ‘long’ ones.

Radio Valve and Transistor Data published by Iliffe. The device perched on the box is a triode.

I would think that the ‘HP’ valve was thus labelled for use in Hewlett-Packard test-gear but was not manufactured by Hewlett-Packard itself. Some sources of data that I use are:. I would think that the ‘HP’ valve was thus labelled for use in Hewlett-Packard test-gear but was almost certainly not manufactured by H-P itself.

These all-numeric valve codes can be very misleading!

@ The Valve Museum

In adverts and application data the word ‘Nuvistor’ was printed in a unique font, giving the impression of a Nuvistor logo, and this can be seen in the Geloso advert later on in the article. Smaller than a thimble, more rugged and efficient than present tube designs, and particularly suited for mechanised production, the “Nuvistor” represents a radical departure in the electronic-tube concept.

  AR 190-51 PDF

Referring to this diagram will help identify the component parts of the 6CW4 shown above. After some pre-determined period of time these sonobuoys usually self-destruct by sinking themselves, so that they can’t fall into the hands of a potential enemy. I couldn’t find a description of exactly how the metal-ceramic seal was made.

Amateur Equipment Many professionally-built equipment for the amateur bands used Nuvistors. The Ranger series of unmanned spacecraft were launched between andand were the first US attempt to obtain close-up images of the Moon’s surface, in preparation for the manned landings at the end of the decade, as pledged by President Kennedy in Published in Wireless World February-May Tektronix also used nuvistors in several of its high end oscilloscopes of the s [2]before replacing them later with JFET transistors.

I may have bent the anode carrier slightly when removing the case. The tube is made entirely of metal and ceramic. Heater power of less than 1W was achieved for most Nuvistors, and with typical anode voltages in the range V and even lower in some specialised applicationsHT power consumption could also be kept low.

Cut-away view of a Nuvistor triode leftand a tetrode right with a top cap connection to the anode, as typical of the From the date of this advert, the picture is probably an artist’s impression of a Mercury mission.