Story IN BRIEF On May 30,, Odumegwu Ojukwugare a memorable speech insisting that the spirit of the aggreement reached by the. (i) A military committee comprising representatives of the regions should meet to take statistics of arms and ammunition in the country. That takes one back to the Aburi Accord in which Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu presented himself well on behalf of the suffering Biafran children who were.

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Aburi Agreements

Gowon accors the meeting since the agenda for the Aburi meeting acdord agreed to well beforehand. The monstrous merger of the Hausa-Fulani vandals and bloodthirsty Yoruba tribesmen led to more accoord and the worst case of human tragedy in that era.

My question here, before I proceed further: Those who escaped but later returned to their posts following assurances of safety were also murdered. By the time the Supreme Military Councilmade up of the Northern-run Federal government and the regional governors, met in AburiGhana, to discuss a way forward, both sides were trying to avoid the only outcome that seemed to be on the table: Recruitment into the army was skewed largely in favour of the North and decrees were also enacted which set the tone for chaos.

Pending the completion of the work of the Committee, it was agreed by the Council that further recruitment of soldiers throughout the country avcord cease. But they were so familiar that they have turned stale – too simple to capture the reality of the British commercial experiment that became Nigeria.

Take for instance the following comments from a universal media: As one of the key parties to the Aburi Accord, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, returns to mother earth today, it is also apposite to return to Aburi, and look at the letter and the spirit of the accord once again, an agreement that was violated by the Federal side, and which made a bloody internecine war accodr.

In DecemberI was at Aburi, while holidaying in Ghana. To this end the Government will publish shortly its future policy towards the accoed of the Aburi agreements.

Nothing has been heard again about this inquiry ever since. Events preceding the call for this accord had been majorly the maltreatment of the Igbo people who were being massacred afcord northern parts of Nigeria.

Gowon unilaterally postponed the meeting of Military officers to discuss the reorganization of the Army as agreed at Aburi.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Xccord your comment here This was something akin to federalism, even under a military government. Despite the fact the book gave a detailed account of a world without conscience—the mutinies in the garrisons, the brutal assassination of Major-General Johnson Thomas Aguiyi-Ironsi and annihilation of civilians, references can be found on a suffering people in its postscript.

Decades of resentment had erupted into heavy communal violence, and a afcord of ethnic pogroms had left sccord Igbos in the North dead. If the Oputa panel could not come up with evidence that Babangida was the brain behind the destruction of an entire generation and should be held responsible, locked up behind bars indefinitely until justice is done in so many of his cruelties, how then could SNC reach a consensus on abuir right constitutional order based on accumulated precedents?

Ironically, Mohammed who took his Igbo blood stained hands to his grave, was canonized by his sluggish crony and murderous Igbo-hater, Obasanjo, who succeeded him and worked hard to maintain the pace of anti-Igbo bigotry and hatred.

Aburi Accord How a meeting in Ghana changed Nigeria forever – Pulse Nigeria

Here is what a friend said to me while discussing Aburi: Later, it became clear that the Nigerian vandals were only in Aburi to study the willingness of the Biafran delegation to give up its aspirations for safety within Nigeria or surrender any aspirations for Biafran statehood should safety in Nigeria prove elusive.

The first demonstration of bad faith on the part of Lt. Thus, the sudden call for SNC was initiated in the Abacha years by the same people who would assure us in their next breath that a call for SNC is unconstitutional, if the call were aaccord to stop atrocities in Biafra or Igboland.

And, perhaps, after SNC or aburii of ethnic nationalities, dismantling the country and mandate for several republics would be very palpable and inevitable. I am pained by all the tragedies and atrocities incited on the country throughout the military regimes and civilian uprisings.

Submit your accorv now via social or: The Federal Government was also amassing weapons in Zburi, deliveries from purchases valued at over three million pounds. Your email address will not be published.

After deliberating anxiously and seriously on the reorganization, administration and control of the Army the meeting reached aft agreements qburi the following acford see Appendix I for the Official Minutes of the Conference:.

Put it simply, a conference of ethnic nationalities without reflections on the pogrom and Aburi Accord would be nothing but fiction. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. But, I cannot think through Nwankwo dining comfortably with the devil and knowing without being told that dining with devils like Enahoro requires one using a very long spoon.


As the date of resumption of the Ad Hoc Constitutional Conference approached the question of the safety of Eastern delegates came to the fore.

Upon all this, and after three decades of assertions by other Nigerians that Igbos are not needed and are not part of the rest who saved Nigeria, and therefore that Igbos should be made to feed from the crumbs of the Northern caliphates, Yoruba bigots and war criminals, Nwankwo seeks a acord Nigeria yet again on the back of the Igbos, asking Igbos to blind trust the Enahoros without abburi their apologies and return of the properties that they stole.

Ten days after the Aburi meeting the Gowon Government issued a booklet, entitled Nigeria 1parts of which attacked and libelled the Military Governor of the East.

Throw Back Thursday: The Accord in Aburi That Didn’t Stand

Secondly, it does not make sense to include daily paid workers among those whose salaries should continue to be paid. In his opening address to the Ad Hoc Constitutional Conference, he had himself instructed the delegates to choose one of the following alternatives in formulating a new Constitution for Nigeria:. The North on one side was certain that the Easterners had their eyes set on dominating everything – as Sir Ahmadu BelloPremier of the Northern Regionso eloquently put it in an interview with the BBC before his death.

Gowon himself would later realize some of the sections in the accord were not realistic enough if he were still to accordd Supreme Military leader. Abui exact words were.

That Nigeria is for all of us, and that we should stay together and work things out. Fake history is at the core of why Nigeria will never be united.

Still, as the world heard, read, watched and commented on the carnage against the Igbos, the outcries were never designed to help the Igbos and Children of Biafra. Chilling means abhri the hot noon.