Indolebutyric acid ≥% (T); CAS Number: ; EC Number: 5; Synonym: 4-(3-Indolyl)butanoic acid, 4-(3-Indolyl)butyric acid, IBA; Linear.

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Callus formation is often used as a first step process in micropropagation where the callus cells are then caused to form other tissues such as roots by exposing them to certain hormones like auxins that produce roots.

Indole-3-butyric acid

In plant tissue culture IBA and other auxins are butieico to initiate root formation in vitro in a procedure called micropropagation. For this, physiologically juvenile shoots are needed Brondani et al. The application of IBA increased the number of roots per cutting collected from year-old stock plants in the spring concentrations of and mg L -1 and summer concentrations of and mg L It is also toxic to the environment, particularly aquatic environments Sigma-Aldrich, Views Read Caido View history.

The plants respond progressively to the stimulus to an optimal butirido of auxin, from which, the increase in concentration becomes inhibitory or even phytotoxic Pop et al. Plantas ornamentais no Brasil: Summer did not favor the increase in number and length of roots Table 1regardless of stock plants age and IBA concentrations, corroborating with the results observed by Brondani et al.

These studies point to a potential new technological option for farmers, especially for those seeking a more sustainable agriculture, in which the use of synthetic inputs is reduced, while the recycling of organic waste is levered. Biomass accumulation in shoots in response to HA application in nursery material had already been reported for other species of agronomic interest such as pineapple Baldotto et al.


Services on Demand Journal. Fisiologia de plantas cultivadas: Our results butiruco that the application of IBA and HA in apical cuttings of the Brazilian red-cloak and sanchezia, in the concentrations evaluated, accelerates plantlet production.

Bold letters for stock plants ages, small letters for treatments with IBA within each season and capital letters between the seasons in each treatment with IBA. The low germination of Ilex paraguariensis seeds and their long reproductive cycle make cuttings propagation a good alternative for its reproduction all year round, enabling to obtain genetically superior clones.

The experiments were carried out in a completely randomized design, with 2x5x4 factorial arrangement 2 ages of stock plants, 5 IBA concentrations and 4 seasons of the yearwith 4 replications of 20 cuttings bktirico experimental unit.

Megaskepasma erythrochlamys; Sanchezia nobilis; vegetative propagation; humic substances; auxins. In connection with cytokinins like kinetinauxins like IBA can be used to cause the formation of masses of undifferentiated cells called callus. Rhamnogalacturonan from Ilex paraguariensis: Introduction to plant physiology. The application of mounting concentrations of IBA and HA significantly alter rooting performance and shoot growth in cuttings of the Brazilian red-cloak and sanchezia Tables 1 and 2.

IBA efficiency in promoting adventitious btirico in cuttings of ornamental plants have been reported to allamanda Loss et al.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. HA are a renewable natural resource which can be extracted from different urban wastes such as garbage and sewage sludge Canellas et al.

Regardless of IBA concentrations and seasons of the year, year-old stock plants presented higher rooting, except for summer, in which the variables did not differ and the rooting rate was low. Services on Demand Journal.


Global Science and Technology4: However, IBA is potentially harmful to health. We observed the average contrasts, calculated butiico regression equations and estimated the concentrations that provided the best efficiency in terms of root dry matter. As no effect of HA has been significant, HA should not be used in the Brazilian red-cloak to replace auxins. Root growth of Arabidopsis acidp treated with humic acids isolated from typical soils of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. Miniestaquia de Sapium glandulatum Vell.

International Journal of Botany. For stock plants older than 80 years, the concentrations of 0,and mg L -1 applied in spring presented the best results for this variable Table 1. Maturation butirio related aspects in clonal forestry-Part I: Vegetative propagation of mature dragon trees through epicormic shoots.

In general, year-old stock plants showed the lowest percentage of cuttings with callus.

Ácido indolacético – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

Thus, we evaluated the influence of stock plants age, plant growth regulator indolebutyric acid IBA application ineol plant material collection in different seasons related to rooting of cuttings. The high survival IBA is a plant regulator with typical auxin hormonal action. The experiments were carried out in the four seasons between and on the following dates: