The Dolphins of Pern (Dragonriders of Pern) [Anne McCaffrey] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Two boys, one of them a dragonrider. Anne McCaffrey And Readis must win his parents’ consent to his association with the ‘sea dragons of Pern’ – the bottlenose dolphins. Two boys, one of them a dragonrider, re-establish crucial contact with the wise dolphins, the legendary “shipfish” of Pern.

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But at times I wished for more of Readis’s life than the life of the ‘politicians’ of the planet. McCaffrey took one of my favorite characters from the last book, Aramina, and turned her into a shrewish, unsympathetic, two-dimensional twit. A sevenday later, Readis recovers, although his right leg is crippled as a result of the infection.

His brother K’din who resents T’lion for inadvertently Impressing the same day as him reports this to Eastern Weyrleader T’gellan and Mirriminsinuating that T’lion is neglecting his bronze Gadareth because of it, and they ask about his activities before going to meet the pod.

Overall a good read if you just want more Pern in your life. When the settlers came to Pern, they brought dolphins with them. Reviewed in October hardcover edition. Meanwhile, T’lion also becomes interested in the dolphins and begins engaging with them alone, which he reports to AIVAS when he accidentally ends up in the machine’s room. I belong to the third group of readers who have continued to read the increasingly disappointing Pern books out of a lingering sentimental fondness for the earlier books.


While familiar characters struggle to end the era of Thread, Readis, T’lion and others struggle to begin a new era in which dolphin and human work together again.

I read this long ago. You can’t not love the dolphins, they’re so happy and clever and so loyal to their traditions and duties to ‘mans’.

A fantastic addition to this series. Oh for crying out loud They remember the Second Crossing, the evacuation of the southern continent detailed in a novella in The Chronicles of Pern First Fallbut why have the humans abandoned them?

Dolphins of Pern

This is the story about how one boy takes it upon himself to reestablish contact with these intelligent beings. They hastily make their way to Landing, where AIVAS confirms that Tana is correct, having used their sonar to detect the changes inside Mirrim’s body a diagnostic technique that was used by their ancestors. Menolly stomping off to live it mccafftey cave has some credibility; she had no other resources, no one to go dolphibs.

Contents [ show ].

The Dolphins of Pern

I’m a huge Pern fan I am passionate about dolphins and swimming Mel Foster’s interpretation was different than what I expected. She went from being my favorite characters to being among my least favorite.

With this backdrop we focus on the second part that is also history I really enjoy going back to Pern. I like the dolphins almost as much as I like the dragons and that is saying something.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Aug 22, Mccaffry Mollamustafaoglu rated it really liked it.

The Dolphins of Pern (Pern, #13) by Anne McCaffrey

View all 3 comments. There was a lot of that, but I wanted more.


View all 21 comments. Four turns pass, and Project Overkill succeeds in altering the orbit of the Red Star. This novel explores the oceans of Pern and the community of dolphins that have long been forgotten by the humans and dragons. After Renegades and Weyrs concentrating on established characters, this one concentrates a lot more on ‘new’ characters – Readis and T’lion, and for the most part this goes well, but does towards the end rehash plot points from previous books, but less strongly, with one amne character seeming to change in nature quite a bit.

Somewhat similar to Renegades of Pern, in as much as a fair chunk of the book covers the same time period as Weyrs of Pern, just from a different angle. This keeps happening to my favorite authors for some reason. It really didn’t make any sense at all and just added unnecessary conflict. Folphins McCaffrey had to go and write two Pern books to follow it!

I am beginning to wonder, however, what it is pf Anne McCaffrey has against grown women, especially being one herself. This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat For many Turns the dolphins have been left to fend for themselves.