Escala APGAR-familiar en adolescentes de Lima. Received: Approved : Scale of family functioning, developed by Smilkstein (). Various efforts. The Family APGAR could be administered and scored by nonprofessionals. et al., ; Dr. Gabriel Smilkstein, personal communication, July 22, ). The family APGAR scale was developed by Smilkstein, Ashworth, and Montano There is a statistically significant relationship between the family APGAR and the . Funcionalidade familiar e qualidade de vida dos idosos [Family functionality.

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Thus, we experienced little recognition of the necessity of and accompanying financial support for this study. However, currently, family approaches to medicine are not widespread among Japanese family physicians.

Data was gathered with a 15 minute questionnaire administered to the elderly by the members of the research group. The average amount of relatives was 3.

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The validity of the criterion showed a coefficient of correlation of 0. Furthermore, a new validation of this instrument over a specific group will help the scientific research in gerontology. Family adaptability and cohesion evaluation scale. In other words, to know how the family functionality finds a way to fulfill and harmonize its essential roles in an appropriate manner, respecting the identity and the tendencies of its members, in order to work in a realist format to deal with the dangers and the opportunities that are seen in the social environment 3.

Analysis of psychometric properties of family APGAR with elderly in northeast Brazil

It was found that the average age distribution of both genders together was We applied for ethical approval to the Institutional Ethical Review Board of the Kawasaki Medical School through the professor in charge; however, the board deemed it exempt from ethical approval.


We explained the contents of the study and enrolled patients who agreed to participate. Additionally, high levels of family loyalty and consensus are required and there is little tolerance for private space or relationships outside the family.

Millenium, 40 These changes are related to the insertion of women into the labor market, smilksstein progressive reduction of fertility rate, the control of birth rate, and the changes seen in social, familiag, economical and political spheres 1. The elderly who have chronic diseases classified their family functionality as severely dysfunction We found no statistical significance between sjilkstein family APGAR and gender, age, marital status and educational level.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationGamiliar. The regression equation was as follows: However, for a wider intervention planning, it is suggested that other measuring instruments are used simultaneously, in order that the evaluation of all dimensions of family functioning are observed qpgar. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. We then analyzed relationships between the questionnaires and family issues measures using Chi square, Mann—Whitney U, and logistic regression analyses.

Assessment of Family Functionality Among the Elderly With Chronic Illness

The Resolve item may be useful for identifying patients for whom a family conference—wherein the physician assembles family members and encourages them to communicate without employing special techniques—would be smilkstfin, and can familiwr the first step in implementing a family approach for physicians who might familiae avoid it. The final version of the instrument created was evaluated and approved by two scientists with PhD in Nursing, with expertise in gerontology scientific research.


Despite the restrictions found in the analysis of the validity of the contruct, it is possible to state that Family APGAR, when used in elders in the Brazilian Northeast region, is an adequate instrument to evaluate family functionality, as it gathers satisfactory requirements of internal consistency and validity of criterion, which gives it a characteristic of a screening instrument appropriate to the necessary estimate.

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Apgar Familiar by paola hernandez mendez on Prezi

If you do, please tell us about them. The relatives sharing the same address were invited to provide previous information regarding their cognition and mental state.

Received Dec 8; Accepted Apr Furthermore, family issues did not always occur in the presence of family dysfunction excessive or impoverished Cohesion and Aapgar.

Considering the extensive gap between data collection and publication, it is possible that the Japanese family structure and social context differ nowadays compared to when the study was first conducted. Theoretical and empirical studies of family systems: A promising means of circumventing this problem, however, would be to utilize questionnaires.

The definition of the nursing diagnose “Discontinued family processes” is similar to the characterization of family dysfunction 6 The majority of the sample Qualidade de vida e fatores associados em idosos dependentes em uma cidade do interior do Nordeste.