Professor Monwabisi Archbald Mafeje was born on 28 March in Engcobo in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. He grew up in an academic. In May of the UCT Council approved the appointment, unanimously, of Archie Mafeje to the role of senior lecturer in social anthropology. In Search of an Alternative: A Collection of Essays on Revolutionary Theory and Politics. $ Paperback. Books by Archie Mafeje. Showing 5 Results Books .

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The Mafeje Affair

Wednesday, 28 March, will go down as a sad day among social researchers all over Africa and beyond: It is, therefore, to be expected that their perspective would be different from that of those who were responsible for their suppression.

An unforgettable African intellectual giant. Thereafter, he took up the post of Professor of Sociology and Anthropology and Director of the Multidisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Namibia from to Recruitment gets a makeover Kafejehe joined the American University in Cairo as professor of sociology. Universal healthcare in Africa is a necessity for genuine development. Severe drought risks to City Climate models vary but all show that the risk of drought in Cape Town has increased substantially because of global warming.

Archie Mafeje: never to be forgotten | UCT News

Archie Mafeje was an independent Pan-Africanist and rachie individual who sought to understand the world at a global level in order to locate Africa within that tapestry.

Home Social Sciences African Studies. That appointment bestowed on him the honour of being a Queen Juliana Professor and one of her Lords. He began studying zoology, but switched swiftly over to social anthropology.

After the return of exiles innothing prevented UCT from honouring its decision to appoint Mafeje. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: VC Installation The Mafeje Affair Lessons of the Mafeje Affair – 40 years on The occasion of the Vice-Chancellor’s installation afforded the university a chance to recognise opportunities lost in the past and the painful memories that have remained with many.


Documentaire FSMTunis. He did archoe only interpret the world of the black people, and the colonised, but also challenged and changed its perspectives. Illicit financial flows thwart human rights and development in Africa.

He did this through his role as an African scholar, intellectual, thinker, and academic. We will surely miss his thoughtful insights, his strident rebukes, his loyal friendship, his companionship, and — yes, his wit, humour and expert culinary skills that included an incomparable knowledge of foods and wines from all corners of the world.

As an anthropologist he made immense contributions to a better understanding of African people, their achievements and struggles. Burst of energy from new UCT lecturers He was unsuccessful but there remain concerns about whether he was fairly treated.

It is authored elsewhere that the works of intellectuals are not fully appreciated in the continent, particularly on its development plans and policies. Many questions arise on this discourse: It was here that he met his wife and lifelong companion, the Egyptian scholar and activist Dr Shahida El Baz. He also challenged and changed the wrong perspectives about Africa and Africans in general.

It was his trade mark to be uncompromisingly severe with fellow scientists who were mediocre in their analyses. This is also the man for whom in the early s we and I include myself at UCT all failed to provide the appropriate space to enable him to come home to teach and write as he so badly wanted to do.

Professor Archie Mafeje: Biography

All Formats Paperback Hardcover Sort by: Forced into exile, he moved to the UK, where he obtained a PhD in anthropology and rural sociology from Cambridge University in Skip to main content.

His name appears in the prestigious blue pages of the Dutch National Directorate.


Africa became the battleground for the production of knowledge regarding Africa and the rest of the world, for it became apparent arfhie the determination by imperialist powers to gain control over African human and natural resources was, at grassroots level, a struggle for political power and control over the human minds they tried to colonise. Professor Archie Mafeje completed his undergraduate studies and began his career as a scholar at UCT.

Archie Mafeje: Scholar, Activist and Thinker | Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA)

Information and Communication Arcuie for Development in Africa. Our eBooks are available from many more retailers, simply search with the ISBN to find it somewhere else. He died in Pretoria on 28 March two days before his birthday. Don’t see your favourite store? There is great arcuie of the fact that knowledge space is not a neutral terrain.

Mafeje archiie also a senior fellow and visiting or guest professor at several other universities and research institutions in Africa, Europe and North America. He completed his undergraduate studies and began his career as a scholar at the University of Cape Town, in his home country but, like many other South Africans, he was soon forced by the Apartheid regime to go into exile where he spent the better part of his life.

Globalizations Special Forum on Samir Amin’s proposal for mateje 5th international. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. This self-reflection had enabled Mafeje to raise some fundamental questions concerning the alienated Africans. Archie championed the pan-Africanist ideal that Africans should speak for themselves and understand themselves through their own efforts.