Hi JAVA is a ocean, so as you have going to shown 2+ years of experience you must have The above site is managed by Arul Kumaran, who is well known author for his book Java / J2EE, . Hitesh Kumar, CEO & Founder at Sitesbay. com. Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion [Arulkumaran Kumaraswamipillai, Sivayini Arulkumaran] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. + Java/ J2EE Interview questions with clear and concise answers for: job Anuj Kumar. View Arul kumar’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Arul has 4 jobs listed on their profile. GWT, Java and J2EE Developer.

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Arun Kumar _ Java 5_J2EE Interviews Questions and Answers – Free Download PDF

Describe a time when you were faced with a stressful situation that demonstrated your coping skills? The repaint method is used to cause paint to be invoked by the AWT painting lumar. The classes, which implement the Comparable interface, impose natural order. A class invariant as an internal invariant that can specify the relationships among multiple attributes, and should be true before and after any method completes.

Composition simply means using instance variables that refer to other objects. Garbage collection does not guarantee that oumar program will not run out of memory.

An interface has all public members and no implementation. Both the client-side and server-side have to provide mechanisms to make the data useful in any way.


I moved from one contract to another with a view of expanding my skills and increasing my contract rates. Component class is the immediate super class.

Your first page should concentrate on your achievements and skills summary As in General Tip 2 to oumar that you are a skilled professional.

200 LATEST JAVA interview Questions pdf arul kumar

The key benefits are: We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. You can use one of the solutions given above. For example Sibling1 class loader cannot see classes loaded by Sibling2 class loader Sibling2 classloader Both Sibling1 and Sibling2 class loaders have visibilty into classes loaded by their parent class loaders eg: If you want a class to contain a particular method but you want the actual implementation of that method to be determined by child classes, you can declare the method in the parent class as abstract.

What do you mean by Constructor? The fully functional data packager was completed in 12 weeks and took only hours to package XML data for all the stores. HashMap has two parameters initial capacity and load factor that affect its performance and space requirements. Do you have any experience with AOP?

Arulkumaran’s Books and Publications Spotlight

Sends user actions to the controller Allow s controller to select a view. This is a very commonly asked question. Wherever possible, you should look for ways to minimize the number of objects created in your code: Wrul remaining catch clauses are ignored. By adding the Override metatag, the compiler complaints if you do not actually perform an override.

Arun Kumar _ Java 5_J2EE Interviews Questions and Answers

The ordering imposed by a java. Avoid where possible Better approach The code below is hard to maintain and understand by others. How to avoid nested loops with Java collection classes Code to test if there are duplicate values in an array. The javw used by object-oriented programming languages to implement polymorphism is called dynamic binding. What is the main difference between an ArrayList and a Vector?


Layout managers are used for arranging GUI components in windows. You managed to convince the business owners and analysts by providing visual mock-up screen shots of your proposed solution, presentation skills, ability to communicate without any technical jargons, and listening carefully to business needs and discussing your ideas with your fellow developers i.

Which are the two subclasses under Exception class? You can use assertion to check the parameters of the non-public methods.

CO Generally you use a java. You should override the equals and hashCode methods from the Object class. Why deletion in LinkedList is fast than ArrayList?

It is okay to verify your answers every khmar and then but avoid verifying or validating your answers too often because the interviewer might think that you lack self-confidence or you cannot work independently.

Yes, by adding a main String[] args method to an applet.