INDUSTRIAL PDA Users Manual details for FCC ID VUJAT made by ATID Co ., Ltd. Document Includes User Manual AT User Manual English_Rev1. Atid AT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Atid AT User Manual. View and Download Atid AT user manual online. RFID Reader. AT Rfid Systems pdf manual download.

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ativ The good news is that after all is said and qt870, there’s still nothing that provides full and totally reliable interoperability with existing Microsoft a870 infrastructure and enables the use of the ubiquitous Microsoft development tools thousands programmers are familiar with.

There’s an abbreviated keypad designed for rapid numeric data entry as well as phone-style typing or making calls. Power and expansion slots You can’t ever have too much battery power when you work in the field, but things also shouldn’t get too big and unwieldy.

In the AT, O-ring seals press against the battery to provide that seal, so care must be taken to keep those seals clean and undamaged.

Normal operation will probably be a combination of stylus and keypad. C Systems threw the gauntlet with the claim that the AT beats atjd industry standard Motorola MCG in many areas, including size, cost and RFID performance, let’s take a quick look at how the two compare: So in addition of finding just the right balance between size, weight, features, speed, and st870 life, rugged product designers also must balance the degree of ruggedness against size, weight, and cost.

Eventually almost every handheld computers gets dropped while in stid. For audio, there is a microphone below the right bottom, a rather powerful speaker above the display, and a small headphone at the bottom. Below the scanner is the tiny camera assembly. The basic AT comes with integrated To the left is what appears to be a Honeywell Adaptus SR standard range 2D imager with its circuit board.

  ASTM E1447 PDF

After a bit of getting used to it all works quite well, and the white on black keys have blueish illumination so you can use the keypad in the dark.

All that Identification –

Microsoft describes CE 5. In terms of sealing against the elements, the AT carries an IP65 rating. The AT does come with Bluetooth version 2. This can greatly extend battery life, though it can also be annoying to have to wake it up all the time.

Atid AT870 Manuals

For wireless, the AT comes ah870 Bluetooth v2. The AT is solid and very robust. You can use the physical keypad, you can use the onscreen pop-up keyboard, or you can use the Transcriber handwriting recognizer.

The AT goes one better by being able to handle multiple five foot drops onto concrete. Below you can see some of the basic screens of Windows CE.

Atid AT870 User Manual

The AT offers considerable application flexibility in the field. Systems AT data sheet. The picture in the center shows the walking pop-up scroll menus that provide access to all the rest of ativ applications installed on the device.

C Systems reveals that they know how to compete with the big boys. There’s the micro-SD Card slot located inside the battery compartment. The grip can also accommodate a second battery for additional battery life. That’s the bad news, and one can only wonder what caused Microsoft to keep things this basic for so many years.

Overall, the At87 is a tough, competent tool for many data collection and decision support jobs out there in the field. The Sign Pad app shown on the right is an example of how the AT can be used for signature capture.

Since handheld devices may get dropped while the user is walking or running, some manufacturers test against damage when “tumbling. The display measures 3. For WiFi, support of the “a” and “n” standards would have been nice, but that’s fairly uncommon in handhelds and smartphones. Now truth be told, Windows CE is not a pretty operating system.


Systems has different game in mind.

And there’s the availability of RFID, either built-in for Below are a few other apps that come in handy and show what the AT is capable of doing.

That adds up to another Base unit WiFi, 1D laser scanner: And it also contains a task switcher see bottom right of the right picture above that you can use to quickly jump between active apps, or also close the active app, all apps, or all but the active app. Developers, of course, can use GPS input for whatever custom applications are required. Below you can see what it looks like, and how readable if low res displays can be: IP stands for “Ingress Protection,” where the “6” means the device is totally sealed against dust, and the “5” means it is protected against not only rain, but low pressure water jets from all directions.

The optional pistol grip comes in handy for extended scanning tasks. The handle of the optional pistol grip can accommodate a second, larger battery, that one rated at 4,mAH and we measured a current of 4.

The block and letter recognizers that are usually part of Windows Mobile-based systems are not include. The specs do not say if that applies to units ah870 with the handle and RFID module as well.