INDUSTRIAL PDA Users Manual details for FCC ID VUJAT made by ATID Co ., Ltd. Document Includes User Manual AT User Manual English_Rev1. Atid AT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Atid AT User Manual. View and Download Atid AT user manual online. RFID Reader. AT Rfid Systems pdf manual download.

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Now truth be told, Windows CE is not a pretty operating system. The AT taid one better by being able to handle multiple five foot drops onto concrete. Systems doesn’t indicate battery life, but the device should make it through a full workday even with heavy use.

The grip can also accommodate a second battery for additional battery life. That’s quite a bit for a handheld. On the wireless side, the AT comes with Below the scanner is the tiny camera assembly.

IP65 totally dust-proof, protected against low pressure water jets from all directions. The company sports a substantial roster of xt870 handhelds from various manufacturers and also an impressive array of RFID solutions. It can, according to A.


Likewise, we’d like to see ESD and regulatory data, all of which may or may not be required to make a purchase decision. Normal operation will probably be a combination of stylus and keypad. In the AT, O-ring seals press against the battery to provide that seal, so care must be taken to keep those seals clean and undamaged.


Atiid remove it, take off the pistol grip if installedthen unlock a small sliding lever that securely holds the battery, which is part of the AT’s body, in place.

Cost is difficult to determine due to the many available options and discounts, but it does indeed appear that ACC’s pricing is considerably lower. You can use aat870 physical keypad, you can use the onscreen pop-up keyboard, or you can use the Transcriber handwriting recognizer.

Eventually almost every handheld computers gets dropped while in use. Here you have access to all the device’s utilities and helper apps. Af870 while the AT can indeed be used as a rugged smartphone, A. As always, backlight intensity, backlight shut-off and device shutoff can all be used to optimize battery life.

Atd, the AT is a tough, competent tool for many data collection and decision support jobs out there in the field. The AT has a dedicated phone button on its keyboard, and that’s because it can be used as a phone. Also, the AT’s 3. It can be used in a very wide range of climates and is well sealed against dust and water. C Systems reveals that they know how to compete with the big boys. The display measures 3.

Protected: AT870 SDK

Below are a few other apps that come in handy and show what the AT is capable of doing. Windows CE allows you to build a wide range of innovative, small footprint devices. We used a 16GB Kingston card, and it instantly showed up, ready for use.

ACC does not provide a tumble spec while At70 does. They also offer an exceptionally long list of options and add-ons to get a device just right for a customer’s application, and so we jumped on their offer to gets some hands-on with one of their premier RFID-enable, pistol grip-equipped keypad handhelds. That’s certainly a very nice feather in ACC’s cap.


ATID AT Handheld RFID Reader SDK

So short of being immersed in water, the device should be to handle any and all exposure to liquids. The good news is that after all is said and done, there’s still nothing that provides full and totally reliable interoperability with existing Microsoft enterprise infrastructure and enables the use of the ubiquitous Microsoft development tools thousands programmers are familiar with.

One concern we have here is that the AT has quite a few seals and gaskets, and they all must be perfectly intact and clean to do the job. It usually contains nothing but the icons for a few basic functions. IP stands for “Ingress Protection,” where the “6” means the device is totally sealed against dust, and the “5” means it is atidd against not only rain, but low pressure water jets from all directions. That’s because if you drop handheld computing equipment, it’ll fall from approximately four feet centimeters.

The AT does come with Bluetooth version 2. If more storage is needed, which is likely, there’s a atie card slot that supports up to 32GB.