Bandit goes out to a strictly limited number (maximum world-wide) of ambitious Bandit will consider publishing your feature in the next available issue. Subscribe Now. BUY CURRENT ISSUE. 1x Current Issue with over 20+ A&R. Bandit A&R Newsletter, East Grinstead. likes · 1 talking about this. Music Industry Opportunities from Labels, Management, Publishers, Media.

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Promotion for the right material and artists would be to TV drama soundtracks, movies and phone downloads, as well as traditional releases. Marketing and promotion uses both, the e-mail newsletter and hard copy materials sent via normal post. All Of Us To: Sections of this page. The newsletter is now exclusively distributed as a PDF document delivered direct to your email box on the first working day of each month. Any full length, mostly acoustic CD released independently during the year qualifies.

They offer their artists the opportunity to release and promote their music to a global market. Rejection is part of the music industry. Visit Our CafePress Shop. In addition to management he has worked in labels and media companies. To handit knowledge, there is no other film music agent addressing film placement in this, niche marketing way.

All of the information contained in each issue comes directly from the sources named, and is current as of immediately prior to publication for the highest possible accuracy and timeliness of each listing. All the diverse kinds of music used these days is of inter- est so send a show-reel of half a dozen tracks maximum.

Mark ONLY works with experienced, professional people so please don’t try for this unless you can show some serious track record so far.

No further publication is authorised without prior agreement from: All you have to do is email to set up a free account. They also love soundalike bands that mimic the 80s and back … You can be from anywhere in the world and should send an email with streaming links ONLY to your broadcast quality original songs — no demos, no instrumentals and then mp3s when requested.


We understand the needs and budgets of the musician fraternity so streaming media, as standard and modest fees are the basis of the deal. To submit demos go to…. Its easy to try Bandit’s excellent service. It was obvious they were ‘shooting in the dark’ and wasting time and money pitching to places where there was no hope of success.

The advantages of this business model are a more positive relationship with customers and the ability to expand a band’s audience through online peer2peer networks and web-sites without the usual worries about copyright infringement and liability.

Main Man, Mattpoints to acts TheMusic and The s as good examples of what they are about, samples on the web-site. Their music has made it on the charts in Jamaica and France and they have major and indie distributors.

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They are interested in hearing from artists that have amazing voices and star quality. You must have the dedication and commitment to move to the next level where you will be working with a professional production team leading to the possibility of a commercial release.

The film is about a mad promotion scheme by a failing local radio station. Adam tells me that their current project is to put together a Female Rock band. Available in various packages including streaming media as standard for any music files. They are looking for acts in the genres of EDM: Anderson is also well recognized in the Pacific Northwest for his long-time running cable television show, “The Real Keith Anderson”.

Has this been a relevant factor toward subscriptions and assisted in client confidence in utilizing the Bandit newsletter? Their Strategic Marketing Director newslether they are looking to sign artists for publishing and work with upcoming artists to help release their projects. People should be confident that details given to me will only be used for the purposes of The Bandit Newsletter and that they can remove themselves from the enquiry database any time they want to and that they can also easily cancel any q&r subscription payments if they take advantage of the Standing Order bancit discounts.


MusicDish e-Journal – December 31, Date for pitches on the Sports anthems is Dec For more info contact…. You can be anywhere in the world and should submit to…. Phat Cat Swinger Releases From: Just look through, find the answer and use the special email link provided to enter and you may win a free 3 month subscription!

At present he has three acts.

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Chris scours the web, shows, and flyers to find the latest up-and-coming bands, without genre prejudice. At the moment he is looking for something specific banxit a male artist who sings and plays guitar and keys, to act as a second front man for a successful band called These DVDs are full of action, and music is needed to fuel the excitement.

They work with professional composers from all over the world to cultivate a constantly expanding library of hand-picked, exclusive music across multiple brands, including a boutique collection. They want only the best, energetic, upwardly mobile artists with crea- tivity and originality, who are newsleyter to take steps toward their own success, whether in the recording studio or on the stage. Richard is looking for songs for Maltese singer is making a big name for herself, not only in Malta where she has had 10 1 singles but also around Europe as the face of and playing bandkt support to international acts such as Elton Newwsletter, Katie Melua, Mel C, Ronan Keating and Simple Minds.

To this newsletger are creating a clothing line to complement the music. It was established is and has had many million selling artists. They have a about 10 releases a year and their current is roster 25 one of which has achieved a 4 in the Starfleet Dance chart and 6 In the crossover chart. The free sample feature is taken from the previous month’s edition so is not so up to date as the information that subscribers receive.