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Do not use the telescoping antenna in a mobile installation. Included With Your Scanner. Please read this Operating Guide thoroughly before attempting to operate the unit. The Warning Alert does not work while scanning these banks. Don’t have an account? Clearing a User-Programmed Frequency. Page 17 Restore a Locked Out Frequency1. Ham operators provide emergency communications for agencies such as the Red Cross and state civil preparedness, during tornado, hurricane or blizzard season.

Press Q to program Page 5 Types of CommunicationsMonitor communications such as: The Alert Tone beeps to confirm your choice. An icon in the display shows when Data Skip is on.


The Warning Light flashes andthe Alert Tone beeps five timeswhen a signal is received. Press and hold S to scroll rapidly. When the transmission ends, a built-in two second delay feature holds the scanner on that frequency for a response.

Uniden Bearcat BCT7 manual (scanner)

Press H to beginscanning7. Bright, Dim, and Off. To start viewing the user manual Uniden BcT7 on full screen, use the button Fullscreen. When the transmission ends, a built-in two second delay feature holds the scanner on that frequency for a response. Turn the scanner off and on. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or damage to the unit, do not expose this unit bcf7 rain or moisture.

No Alert Tones willsound. Clearing a User-Programmed Frequency. Tell us about it. Adjust the angle of the radio. You can lock out all the frequencies in a bank, if desired. Thepa ovthe quick tim com is men propted ov al r w n theed foal to the ed No me the ove of me mp equ crea odis l. Department of Transportation Frequencies 4. If there is no response, scanning resumes. Mount the scanner to the bracket with the thumb screws. VOLThe scanner performs a self-test: Clearing a User-Programmed FrequencyTo erase a user-programmed frequency: Fast Start Fold out the illustration from the front cover to see the controls and LCD display while reading this guide.


An icon in the display shows when Data Skip is on. Scan Hold When scanning stops on a desired frequency, press H to hold on that frequency as long as you like. Check antenna and antenna connection, or change antenna. For easy access to the CB search, do not change the search band from CB.

Anicon in the display shows when Data Skip is on. When the transmission ends, the scanning cycle resumes until another transmission is received. Clearing a User-Programmed Frequency To erase a user-programmed frequency: Warning Alert does not work in this mode.

Use only the AC Adapter supplied with this unit.

Remember to press the key again to return to normal priority-scan operation. Our goal is to provide you with a quick access to the content of the user manual for Uniden BcT7. Also, terrain and other factors maybe involved. Operation of the scanner is the same as for mobile use.