भज गोविन्दं Introduction Bhaja Govindam was written by Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya. A biography of Shankara and his other. The Hymn to Govinda was composed on this s the refrain of the song beginning with the words “Bhaja Govindam”, Shankara issaid to have. Order Food Online from Bhaja Govindam Daryaganj Old Delhi and see it’s menu for Home Delivery in Delhi. Fastest delivery | No minimum order | GPS tracking.

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What you get – i.

Bhaj Govindam, Kashipur – Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos – TripAdvisor

That female form is but a modification of flesh and fat. Think well thus in your mind and again and again.

Know that the entire world is govinda, by disease and conceit, and smitten with sorrow. After that, when you live with an infirm body no one world even speak to you a word. As long as there is breath in the body, so long people in the household ask about one’s welfare.

Bhaj Govindam, Kashipur

Once the breath leaves, on the destruction of the body, the dependents dread that very same body. When a boy, one is attached to sport; when a youth, one is attached to as young woman; when old. Who is your wife? Who is your buaj Exceedingly wonderful, indeed, is this empirical process!

Of whom are you? Whence have you come?

O brother, think of that truth here. Through the company of the good, there arises non-attachment; through non-attachment, there arises freedom from delution; through delusionless-ness, there arises steadfastness; through goviindam, there arises liberation in life. When youth is spent, what lustful play is there? When the water has evaporated, what lake is there? When the money is gone, what dependents are there?


Bhaja Govindam – Wikipedia

When the truth is known, what empirical process is there? Do not be proud of bhzj, kindred, and youth; Time takes away all these in a moment.

Leaving aside this entire world which is of the nature of an illusion, and knowing hovindam state of Brahman, enter into it. Day and night, dusk and dawn, winter and spring come repeatedly; Time sports, life is fleeting; yet one does not leave the winds of desire.

Why worry about wife, wealth, etc.

Bhaja Govindam

In the three worlds, it is only the association with good people that can serve as the boat that can carry one across the sea of birth. The ascetic with matted lock, the one with his head shaven, the one with hairs pulled out one by one, the one who disguises himself variously with the ochre-coloured robes – such a one is a fool who, though seeing, does not see. Indeed, this varied disguise is for the sake of the belly. The body has become decrepit; the head has turned grey; the mouth has been rendered toothless; grasping a stick, the old man moves about.

Even then, the mass of desires does not go. In front, there is fire; at the back, there is the sin; in the night, the ascetic sits with the knees stuck to the chin; he receives alms in his palms, and lives under the trees; yet the bondage of desire does not leave him.

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But if he be devoid of knowledge, he does not gain release-according to all schools of thought-even in a hundred lives. Let one practice concentration; or let one indulge in sense-enjoyment. Let one find pleasure in company; or in solitude. He alone is happy, happy, verily happy, whose mind revels in Brahman. Whence have I come? Who is my mother? Thus enquire, leaving aside the entire world which is comparable to a dream, and is essenceless. Vainly do you get angry with me, being impatient.

See the Self in all things, and leave off everywhere ignorance which is the bovindam of difference. They are fools who are without Self-knowledge; as captives in hell, they are tortured. Although, in the world, death is the refuge, even then one does not relinquish sinful ways. For the wealthy, there is fear even from a son; everywhere this is the regular mode. The regulation of breath, goovindam withdrawal of the senses from their respective objectsthe inquiry consisting in the discrimination between the eternal and govindaam non-eternal, the method of mind-control associated with the muttering of mantras – perform these with great care.

Thus, through the discipline of sense and mind-control, you will behold the Deity that resides in your heart. Quick jump Voice of Sankara: Ganesha Pancha Ratna Stotra