BIOPOWER AND THE AVALANCHE OF. PRINTED NUMBERS lan Hacking. Long ago, in Les Mots et les chases, Michel Foucault taught that. Life, Labor, and . Hacking Biopower and the Avalanche of Printed Numbers. Report. Post on Jan Views. Category. Hacking Ian. “Biopower and the Avalanche of Printed Numbers.”. Humanities in Society. ;– Print. 9. Hamlin Christopher. “The History and.

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Hacking Biopower and the Avalanche of Printed Numbers

Study at Cambridge Undergraduate Graduate International students Continuing education Executive and professional education Courses in education. The first seven engines in the following list are designed for discovery, ordered roughly according to the times at which they became effective.

This is an archived project. Intelligence, reason of state and the art of governing risk and opportunity in early modern Europe. This site uses cookies.

Sometimes to control them, as prostitutes, sometimes to help them, as potential suicides. Your related point is also a good one: They are moving targets because our investigations interact with them, and change them.

The Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure » Research

His work on making people up is elsewhere overtly Foucauldian evidence below. CisneyNicolae Morar. A wide range of published and unpublished sources will be used in this study.

Cisney Gettysburg CollegeNicolae Morar. Parliamentary papers, contemporary periodicals, economic treatises, private papers, and local and centrally-created records will be exploited using qualitative and quantitative methods to prined the research objectives outlined above. This was a project of the Demography and epidemiology research theme, part of the Department of Geography’s Cambridge Cultural and Historical Geography thematic research group.


These data allowed ministers to cast the Reform Act’s redistribution provisions in an objective light, thereby ensuring the political support of printev Crown Thompson Email required Address never made public.


Department of Geography and Faculty of History. I have long been interested in classifications of people, in how they affect the people classified, and how the affects on the people in turn change the classifications. Geoffrey Hughes 1 Estimated H-index: International students Continuing viopower Executive and professional education Courses in education.

But I believe they are true to the thought that went into the book.

In its place new urban centres of manufacturing and industry were represented in the House of Commons for the first time. While information technology is a relatively modern concept, the disruptive power of information has lrinted much longer history. And since they are changed, they are not quite the same kind of people as before. View in Source Cite this paper. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Foucault seems to remain what Vincent Descombes calls a structural causalist.

Where is the end of the paper? Bernd Gausemeier 2 Estimated H-index: Electoral change on such a dramatic scale was only possible because of the availability of spatially and temporally consistent demographic and fiscal data.

About research at Cambridge. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The eighth is an engine of practice, the ninth of administration, and the tenth is resistance to the knowers. Hacking wrote the Introduction for the full recent translation of the History of Madness the one that got all the controversy recently, with a long reply by Colin Gordon. Foucault and the Birth of Biopolitics Vernon W.

You can see quite a few Foucauldian themes there, including normalization, but also medicalization and biologization.


It was the idea of there being some underlying truth about madness. I am concerned with the human sciences, from sociology to medicine, and they are driven by several engines of discovery, which are thought of as having to do with finding out the facts, but they are also engines for making up people.

I was wondering if there is somewhere an end to the Heyman Center conference?

The statistical state: knowledge, numbers and population in Britain, c. 1780-1837

Aaron Henry 1 Estimated H-index: Those words are from the original preface. A conceptual critique of flying addiction. Steven Hutchinson 4 Estimated H-index: Avalqnche and the avalanche of printed number Ian Hacking.

Arunabh Ghosh 1 Estimated H-index: Home About Our Foucault Book.

Infancy, autism, and the emergence of a socially disordered body. Mariana Valverde 25 Estimated H-index: Building on research initially undertaken as part of an ESRC-funded doctoral research project PTA into the development and implications of census-taking, this post-doctoral study will explore other dimensions of the ‘avalanche of printed numbers’ Hacking,including the collection of data on criminals, poor numgers expenditure and food prices.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I felt that the most important of Hacking argument was just after bioppwer 24!

BankstonHarold Barclay. By employing a wider definition of state action than is allowed for in crude measures of public expenditure or statute-making, this research seeks to challenge conventional accounts that insist on the rise of the laissez-faire state after eg Harling and Mandler