This is the official BlackBerry c / g / v / User Guide in English provided from the manufacturer. If you are looking for detailed technical. DTEK60 · DTEK50 · BlackBerry Radar · PRIV by BlackBerry · BlackBerry Passport BlackBerry c · BlackBerry e · BlackBerry g/v · BlackBerry. Get started, touch screen gestures, switch devices, BlackBerry ID. The Phone icon. Phone and voice. Voicemail, ring tones, phone settings. The BlackBerry Hub.

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Verify that the Bluetooth-enabled device that you want to pair with is in the correct mode for pairing.

BlackBerry g – Full phone specifications

In a messages list, click the trackwheel. I used this phone for a couple of days it worked great and one day while going to work I decided to use the hand BlackBerry released the g 7130f June 26, No external card slot is available for expansion. Where can should I go for support, backberry or repairs?

Cingular does not offer insurance on this phone, so you want to keep it in the best of health. I tested the speaker phone and it’s greats. If your g has problems and is still within its warranty period, you could contact BlackBerry blackbwrry or the retailer you purchased the phone from.

I was even able to download an OS with yahoo messenger already blaackberry cingular does not allow yahoo messenger to be used on the phone, but there is a work around. Where can I download the g manual? Also, the backlight has three stages or automatic which adjusts to the light, but it can only default to the 2nd stage and i wish it could go to 3rd because it looks better.

I’ve had a PDA in the past and most of my cell phones have been the flip-up variety, the last being a motorola V I’ve struggled with getting one piece of electronics that can just do it, keep me in touch with the email, handle all my calendar, phone book, etc. The moment I get plug the headsets the call gets droped. BlackBerry device on the network. So I blackberey people who use the handsfree on regular basis, to be careful, other than that its a cool device.


I wanted to upgrade to a PDA. The phone was all I wanted it to be To print the manual completely, please, download it. I can say that the c has very strong characteristics of both. Also See for G Getting started manual – 28 pages Safety and product information – 16 pages User manual – pages. The phone comes with a case, usb cable, ear piece, and the desktop manager.

The suretype is easy and intuitive, it’s very good if you are typing a professional message not so good when you want to just cyber-chat with your friends and use “ebonics” or shorter derivatives of the English language.

Find more information the USB driver to operate blackbsrry expected. Tried Hotmail, 7130t i use predominately, and found that it requires a subscription of Why does the screen on my device turn off? The phone is powered by a Lithium-Ion Li-Ion battery. Here are a few to get you started. Had the Q and returned it same day.

To get pictures on your device, you must email them in the correct pixel format which can be a pain. I mention that because this blackbrery not be compared to a Palm Treo or even the Cingulr Page 28 To find help topics for the program that you are using, in the menu on your device, click Help. If you switch devices, you can Sent Items folder in your email account. If you use BlackBerry Internet Service, the account setup process should begin automatically the first time that your device connects to the wireless network.

Don’t have an account? Blackbdrry keyboard is also bigger and easy to type using the fantastic Intellitype software. The time when I got this phone I was really happy with it. I used this phone for a couple of days it worked great and one day while going to work I decided to use the handsfree while talking to a friend of mine.


I havent figured all the things that it can do and i have had it for a month!!

I reliased, its not me its the phone. Type the same passkey on the Bluetooth- enabled device to which you are pairing.

BlackBerry 7130g

This score is based on our evaluation of 15 sources including reviews from users and the web’s most trusted critics. I have yahoo mail service on the phone so I get messages in real time. Help inform others by sharing your experience with BlackBerry g. Prices Where to Buy. Type your login name for the device. I had the and it came close, but really problematic phone quality made it half an answer.

If your phone is off warranty and needs repair for a physical problem such as a broken screen or bad battery, you should visit an authorized service centre or a local phone repair shop.

I’m a very soft talker, a mumbler if you will, so I need to learn to adjust my inflection so that it mannual into the mic, which sits a few inches from mouth with the phone to my ear. The only minor things that can be frustrating is sometimes the phone feels somewhat cheaply made, creaks a little bit, but not too much, and only sometimes. You can buy them from shieldguard. Kanual USB desktop-to-phone connection works flawlessly and fast.

BlackBerry Internet Service” on page 9 for more information.