Bosphorus Database. 3D Face Database · Hand Database · 3D Face Database · 3D/2D Database of FACS annotated facial expressions, of head poses and of. The Bosphorus Database is a database of 3D faces which includes a rich set of IEEE CVPR’10 Workshop on Human Communicative Behavior Analysis, San. Bosphorus Database for 3D Face Analysis Arman Savran1, Neşe Alyüz2, Hamdi Dibeklioğlu2, Oya Çeliktutan1, Berk Gökberk3, Bülent Sankur1, Lale Akarun2 1.

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Facial Expressions Two types of expressions have been considered in the Bosphorus databases.

The subject to subject variation of occlusions is more pronounced as compared to expression variations. Repeatability of the extracted keypoints is measured across the FRGC v2 database. Thus, a coarse approximation of rotation angles can be obtained.

At the bottom left, a mistake in the depth level of the tongue, and at the right, its correction is displayed. A segmented 3D face approximately consists of 35K points. Especially poses including pitch rotations can be subject dependent, since subjects are requested to look at marks placed in the environment. There are three types of head poses which correspond to seven yaw angles, four pitch angles, and two cross rotations which incorporate both yaw and pitch.

Faxe should be good enough as initial transformation but may require refinement for specific applications. Subjects are made to sit at a distance of about 1. The hypergraph structure in our code allows us to store and match relational information of any degree.


Mean faces – Using mean depth map of registered model sets low resolution 5. The pixel shape is forced to square.

fce Even slight head rotations generate high amount of self occlusions. These facial images are rendered with texture mapping and synthetic lighting.

Here are examples of landmarking results obtained in October on the two databases using our keypoint-detection system coupled with a RANSAC geometric-registration technique. Pattern Recognition Letters 22 — 9. Total Expression Pose Occl.

Basic smoothing filtering reduces these types of noises Fig. The output mesh is made of triangles defined counterclockwise when seen from the camera position.

Clement Creusot, PhD

Any processing was not performed for these problems. Compute a willmore energy scalar field from the discrete mesh not tested distToLocalPlane: Simultaneously, our framework outputs optimal detectors, derived from a prescribed pool of surface descriptors, for each landmark in the model.

For both landmark labelling and face matching, we construct hypergraphs upon the detected landmarks and match them on models using hypergraph matching techniques. The last column is a 4×4 matrix format: There are 51 men and 30 women in total, and most of the subjects are Caucasian.

Commonly occurring problems during image acquisition and face reconstruction. The transformation was computed using ICP on a cropped part of the face.


A W halogen lamp was used in a dark room to obtain homogeneous lighting. Our machine-learning approach consists of computing feature vectors containing D different local surface descriptors.

Code extracted from our framework that compute maps over a surface mesh for a set of local-shape descriptors. I passed my viva in March The first expected outcome for my research is a face recognition technique more robust to face orientation than the current state-of-the-art.

For the yaw rotations, subjects align themselves by rotating the chair on which they sit to align with stripes placed on the floor corresponding to various angles.

Anger, happiness, FRGC v. LIC and generic solve. Most of them are bosphotus on recognition; hence contain a limited range of expressions and head poses. Remember me on this computer.

Bosphorus Database for 3D Face Analysis | Berk Gokberk and Nese Alyuz –

In Section 4 the acquired data are evaluated. Table I lists publicly available databases of relevance and compares with our database. However if you have a request about a specific program I have developed feature detector, hypergraph matcher, All first faces of each individual have been registered to the first face of the first bospphorus of the database d