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Buddhavacana | Samakita Tikhina –

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. We no longer have a Teacher — It is not thus that you should think. The Doctrine Dharma and the Discipline Vinaya which I have taught you shall be your teacher when I am no longer with you.

Bond, Buddhism Encyclopedia p. Pategama Gnanarama, The Mission Accomplished, p. Norman, Buddja Philological Approach to Buddhism, p. All forms of the text that appear in the Buddhist scriptures are the Buddhavacana, even oral tradition.

Such a literature is not without its own characteristic features. A widespread use of mnemonic formulae is one of the most typical of these.

I would refer to the considerable body of research on the nature of oral epic poetry. In such poetry the formulae are budha both as an aid to actual performance and to maintain the continuity and form of the epic tradition. This kind is more effectively impact on the preservation of the oral Buddhist literatures. There are more discourses are the same as the block in the Buddhist texts. As people known, Indian tradition is very strongly hierarchies that regard to their status in society belong to Vedic literature.

The word of the Buddha BdV is combined the discourses that He spoken, the words from relevant Disciplines, some monks and nuns and vacans persons that the Buddha certified or not. The first works as follows……….

This part is collections of poetical sayings of the elder monks and nuns respectively. Some, for example, were spoken by various disciplines.



The great authorities are the vcana effective in the judgment of criteria. Buddhaghosa has the following explanation: Psalms of the Sisters. In Psalms of the early Buddhists. Pali Text Society, p. A handbook of Pali literature: Indian philology and South Asian studies; v.

Walter de Gruyter, p. According to this sutta a rule vinaya or doctrine dharma may be considered an authoritative teaching if it fulfills two criteria. If the words following conclusion should be reached: Mcdermott, Scripture as the word of the Buddha.

Buddhism,Buddhist studies review, vol.

First, they endeavours to test the extrinsic value of the texts by determining their origin: Then, they went on to the examination of their intrinsic value, and sought to find out whether the texts proposed for their approval were indeed in the 14 Lamotte, Etienne, the assessment of the Textual Authenticity in Buddhism,Buddhist studies review Ip. Vacaana is belonging to the Sravakayana schools namely, enumeration of states Dharmma-sangganithe book of analysis Vibhangha bddha, discourse of elements Dhatu-kathaconcept of individuals Paggala- pannattisubjects of debate Katha-vatthupairs Yamaka and origin Patthana.

Vinaya refers to the monastic rules, the Pali Vinaya- Pitaka divided into three sections: Suttavibhangha is mainly about patimokkha. Patimokkha contains the regulation for the monks vaacana and the regulations 17 Ibid, p.

Moreover, the khandhaka in two portions the Buddna and the Cullvaggais based on the rules of conduct for the Vvacana Community Sangha. All schools strongly believed the Tripitaka is the completed teachings of the Buddha. They argued that if the creation of new movements are probably contrasting from Tripitaka and are not connected to the early Buddhistit can be rejected.

This is the criteria of these schools. If any sutra can interpreted and regard to the Buddhist philosophy, it probably can be accepted. The issue of these schools about the whole comprehension of the complete understanding of the sutra. It is not only the words or technical terms but it is needed to observe carefully in contexts of that words.


For this strategy, it is budha effective solution to legitimate that sutras or key concepts of the literature. In other words, it is!

Buddhavacana – Wikipedia

The invitation constitutes buddhx certification before the event and indicates the discourse is a form of extended buddhavacana. Two important points are, therefore, immediately suggested by the use of this construction: Neither the clear distinction in construction nor, more importantly, the distinction in understanding of inspiration has survived entirely intact in Mahayana.

This Tripitaka is creditable in term of the completed collections of BdV. However, all of teachings are created by the Buddha and his disciplines which can accepts to be identified as BdV by comparing it with the Vinaya and Sutta. It could be accepted if literatures are articulated similar. The criteria that Buddhist communities determine the word of the Buddha [BdV] is significantly not the same page.

Also, extended collaborations of BdV are accepted.

The importance of investigation the word of the Buddha is to preserve the early Buddhist teachings and establish the instruments for later Buddhists. As this article have mentioned earlier, the oral literature is the origin of BdV. Most of the blocks later are made into uncomplicated version for recitation.

Another benefit is that the paradox of BdV is possible make a distinction of schools but they are maintaining the key concepts of the BdV. Therefore, this analytical technique of the BdV leads to the division of Buddhism.

The word of the Buddha: The Tipitaka and its Interpretation in Theravada Buddhism. In Encyclopedia of Buddhism.

Macmillan Reference USA, p. A Philological Approach to Buddhism. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

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