Vibracion, centros fisicos centros espirituales, chakra o plexo, camara kirlian Kirlian .. La science des auras et de l’énergie La Kirlian photography est une. Kirlian photography is a high voltage, contact print photography. The process is simple. Sheet film is placed on top of a metal plate, called the discharge or film. El circuito es muy sencillo,consta de un oscilador de 30 o 50kcs. que sirve para exitar a un flybak de tv. cualquiera de tv blanco y negro sirve. de esta forma se.

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Paranormal claims of Kirlian photography have not been observed or replicated in experiment by the scientific community.

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Pseudoscience and Extraordinary Claims of the Paranormal: Media in category “Kirlian photography” The following 71 files are in this category, out of 71 total. Kirlian photography refers to a form of photogram made with a high voltage. There are numerous Kirlian devices being sold on the internet today.

Allows photographer to activate discharge using the foot switch. The lab was unfunded, unsanctioned and eventually shut down by the university.

Photographs of inanimate objects such as a coins, keys and leaves can be made more effectively by grounding the object to the earth, a cold water pipe or to the opposite polarity side of the high-voltage source. A Study of the Kirlian Effect.

High voltage is momentarily applied to the object, thus creating an exposure. A Critical Thinker’s Toolkit. All my research to date shows the corona discharge can be explained by employing known physical laws, like changes in subjects skin resistance due to factors like; stress-lying, illness, fatigue, alcohol consumption, etc without the necessity of invoking paranormal bio-plasma factors.


At this time Georg Christoph Lictenberg noted the pictures made in dust create by static electricity and electric sparks. In the early s, Russian researcher Yakov Narkevich-Todka exhibited electro photographs he had made.

Kirlian photography is named after Semyon Davidovich Kirlian and his wife Valentina who began their work with high voltage photography in C4r0 kirlian photography hand. A typical demonstration used as evidence for the existence of these energy fields involved taking Kirlian photographs of a picked leaf at set intervals. Photography by style Corona discharge Subtle bodies Hoaxes. The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine. Seven years later ina French experimenter, H.

Kirlian photography – Wikipedia

However, if the imaging surface is cleaned of contaminants and residual moisture before the second image is taken, then no image of the missing section will appear. If anyone has any evidence to the contrary, I would be more than happy to examine that data.

Sheet film is placed on top of a metal plate, called the discharge or film plate. To take Kirlian photographs using a standard 35mm film camera, digital camera or video camera, requires the use of a transparent discharge plate.

Basic Kirlian Photography

Some sources state that he was Polish, rendering his name Jacob Jodko-Narkiewicz. Rubik’s experiments relied on Konstantin Korotkov’s GDV device to produce images, which were thought to visualize these qi biofields in chronically ill patients. Monitor binding posts, to connect to an oscilloscope to monitor frequency and pulse rate of internal oscillator used to energize the high voltage circuit.


The Kirlians conducted experiments in which photographic film was placed on top of a conducting plate, and another conductor was attached to a hand, a leaf or other plant material.

Aura Cameras I am asked frequently about the Aura cameras for sale. Journal of Applied Physics. Intwo Czechs, S. The corona discharge between the object and discharge plate passes through and is recorded onto the film. The corona discharge between the object and the plate due to high-voltage is captured by the film. Especially illuminating is his discussion of the “phantom leaf” aura that continues to baffle scientists. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The idea of qi as its own sort of field, not simply a creature’s electromagnetic field, has been mostly disregarded by the scientific community. The Model 4 has all photography functions on the front panel. The gradual withering of the leaf was thought to correspond with a decline in the strength of the aura.

Corona discharges can interact with minute variations in the different layers of dye used in the film, resulting in a wide variety of colors depending on the local intensity of the discharge.