I need to replace some tiles and I’m wondering if anyone knows of any files or pictures of scaled tiles to print out? Base game or expansions. Printable tuck boxes to keep Carcassonne expansion tiles separated. I was just wondering how many players who download the fan made tiles actually complete the job by placing them on Carcassonne tiles and.

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Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? I was just wondering how many players who download the fan made tiles actually complete the job by placing them on Carcassonne tiles and use them in play.

I must confess that I enthusiastically download the tile pdfs then run out of steam when it comes to printing them on an adhesive label and attaching them to game tiles. I do not have a colour printer so I have to trot along to the local Staples and have them laser printed. They do an excellent job but it is pricey. I have only done this once with the river tiles download.

Of course at that time I was unaware that the Count expansion included the River expansion.

The manufacturer should really do a better job of tules that fact. August 25, Gerry on August 25, I glued them on and it worked well enough. Paul Marquis Chevalier Posts: The official tiles themselves vary a lot. Two versions of the base game for example. The Scandinavian version has a more darker colour texture and the edges are sharper, completely squared even. Compared to the Enigma version with the more rounded corners and much brighter grass.

The Plague tiles height is significantly itles.

These stand out from the pile as well. I use the Tower now open end facing away from players so they can’t see the two heaps in the tower. Then there’s the road mis-match, a faux pas due to the way these tiles are pre-cut. Understandable as it reduced the costs for producing the tiles. In smaller games it may not stand out a lot, maybe not even thought about it with the megaCarc games either.

It only shows quite significally when taking pictures with a camera digitally or not. Most of my images posted here, for example.

Printable tiles : Carcassonne

The only real concern when printing the tiles is making sure you can’t tell which is which cardassonne they all have the backside faced up. World record holder for a single game of Carcassonne using 10 tiles!


I use at least one fan expansion on almost every game. I have crafted mountains, Wells, roads to victory, fortune teller, trebuchet, easter bunny, seasons, by order of the King, mills and bakeries and have many on queue.

I think they’re great and I just can’t get enough.

Carcassonne Tile Set

I have many of the fan-expansions in my collection. What is everyone using to print the tiles? I have an Epson Artisanwhich works well for everything except photos. Guess it should work OK for these tiles Looks like they’re still in stock at Cundco: Heroically snatching defeat from the jaws of victory since I bought materials to make lots of tiles, but couldn’t get the print quality I was satisfied with.

I stopped after about three dozen. CKorfmann on August 26, I just drew the perfect tile for my MonKnighThieFarmer! Started by robnhill 3 Replies Views March carcazsonne, Started by rfielder 1 Replies Views March 18, Read times Gerry Printanle how many players who download the fan made tiles actually print and use them?

Here are the links to HiG and ZMG, there you can find a description what pieces are inside the box of that expansion, also the official rules are there online: HiG – published in Logged Paul Marquis Chevalier Posts: Logged World record holder for a single game of Carcassonne using 10 tiles!

They all showed the River II expansion as being sold out and never a word that it was included with the count expansion. Logged frankdux Freeman Posts: In addition to several of my own fan-made expansions, i have downloaded and made and enjoyed tiles from the following fan made expansions: Crater – This carcassonbe a very fun, single tile mini-expansion.

However, i ended up printing off and using twice the number of recommended mills. Wells – An almost necessary expansion that matches the use of pennants in cities with wells for road.

The King’s Gate – A very fun, 2 tile mini-expansion potentially connecting two cities. This one is so fun i printed out a second version with another color of the portal so that we have two separate portals in play. The Lake – I just use the tiles. I don’t carcassohne with all the tokens or the race to the lighthouse portion. The Medieval Expansion – I play with the Gallows tiles.


Tactician – I really like the idea here, but i made my own tiles for it and slightly altered the rules so that everyone starts with one tactician tile, rather than earning it by not placing a follower down on their turn.

I’ve also made several of my own cards and added them to the pile when we play. All The Rest of the Tiles – This is a fantastic resource for printing out all those missing combinations that would fill in some otherwise impossible scenarios using just the base game plus a few official expansions.

I’ve probably made about 25 of the tiles from this collection. Logged Gerry Guest Re: So I am guessing you are the reason that Carcassonne Shoppe is currently sold out on blank tiles Logged rfielder Marquis Posts: So I am guessing you are the reason that Carcassonne Shoppe is currently sold out on blank tiles My bad! Yeah, i ordered seven sheets of tiles from them a few weeks ago.


But i’ve also ordered from Z-man games and they have some in stock right now: August 26, Logged Flee the fleas. I go to a local tles shop near my house where they have many printers, among them a laser printer. I really recommend using a laser printer, original tiles and adhesive A4 sheets suitable for laser printing, the results you can see them above in my previous reply.

So regarding printing, that’s my advice, go somewhere where they have a nice laser printer. Btw about pricing, here they will charge me like 0,4 euros each A4, a bit expensive but results are worth it Logged Carcking Global Moderator Duke Carcaswonne Posts: I’ve often wondered about this – as to whether the print shops would have any issue with copyrights.

I’ve never attempted to bring any print jobs there, but that’s mainly because I am satisfied with the quality I get from my giles printer. If I was doing a big job I would consider it though.

Where to people print fan-made tiles? March 25, How to get out of print tiles March 18, June 30, Printing user made tiles, what to stick them on Started by Gerry.

November 27, Carcassonne tiles made out of lasercut plywood Started by Paul. May 24, ,