Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Amanda J. Greene is a paranormal romance author. When she is not writing, she can be found playing the role of a. Caressed by Moonlight (Rulers of Darkness) (Volume 1) [Amanda J. Greene] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dorian Vlakhos is no. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Amanda J. Greene is an erotic paranormal romance 1. Caressed by Moonlight (Rulers of Darkness Amanda J. Greene.

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He is a general in the Red Order but he doesn’t hate all vampires. Dimitri Arsov, the last remaining pure vampire, was thought to be dead for the past four hundred years.

Amanda J. Greene Quotes (Author of Caressed by Moonlight)

The premise pulled me in easily, and the characters’ interactions–as well as the broader struggles–kept me there. Dimitri Arsov, King of the Arsov Clan, is an intoxicatingly powerful and sexy vampire. I think I had more problems with the era than the actual story. When Dimitri realizes the woman he has welc Amanda Greene’s vampires are dark, dangerous and oh so sexy!

An Earl Like No Other. If you want a paranormal romance with a dash of spice and a frosting of originality this is the one for you.

The setting for this installment differed from its predeces Aanda by Night by Amanda J. Jul 10, Tracey rated it really liked it Shelves: He is what I call an onion character with a lot of layers to peel back and secrets within those layers. OK, so Caressed by Night is about yet another hot vamp named Dimitri that has been in hiding for about years; waiting for the right time to return to the vampire world.


Caressed by Night

Kerstyn awakens a hunger in him that threatens to consume him. Several side stories are running throughout, this creates interest and complements the main story rather j.grene cause confusion. The Marriage Coin Boxed Set.

They are homeless and penniless, and in the mercy of their Aunt amanxa despises Victoria and her mother – which is why she has her own terms for their stay, Margaret will stay with her and Victoria has one month maanda find a husband before she is kicked out of her aunt’s home.

After four hundred years of lying in wait and plotting his revenge Dimitri makes his presents known, and puts his plans o 3. And am i glad it did sway me, because the debut novel from Amanda J Greene is a wonderful piece of work. He needed her love, her warmth, her passion. The author does a great job pulling you into their vampy world and keeping you hooked until the end of the book.

There are some interesting characthers in this book that I believe feature in other books in series. He’s also one of the oldest vampires still alive, as well as one of the strongest.

With no where else to go Victoria goes to Dorian and he says that he will marry her. This is the second book in the series, but the first book takes place nearly years in the past. The characthers from the previous book appear in this story and lots more b characthers are introduced. We were unable to complete your request.


You fe With Amanda being a fresh face in the published book world, I as a seasoned reader hoped her first amazing book Caressed by Moonlight was not an anomaly.

Mar 01, Miranda rated it really liked it Shelves: His intent was to make her his mistress, but he would learn that things do not rarely go as planned. A little of that is shared in the teaser section above.

Amands not believable or even emotionally charged in my opinion. It’s there where s Romancing the Dark Side Review: A delicious morsel of paranormal romance! If you need assistance with an order or the publishing process, please contact our support team directly.

Despite her intense attraction to Dimitri, I expected her to be resistant to an extent, but everything fell into place so easily. The characters were engaging and the writing was richly descriptive. Her aunt gives her a month to be married or shell be kicked out and won’t be able to ever see her sister again.