CoffeeScript: Accelerated JavaScript Development [Trevor Burnham] on Paperback: pages; Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf; 1 edition (August 6, ). CoffeeScript burst onto the scene at the end of , and is beginning to show up everywhere. Ruby on Rails now ships with it as the default way to write. CoffeeScript compiles down to JavaScript through it’s NodeJS based compiler which it’s . Pragmatic Bookshelf’s Book “CoffeeScript: Accelerated JavaScript.

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Over the last five coffeescrilt, CoffeeScript has taken the web development world by storm. This extensively revised and updated new edition includes an all-new project to demonstrate CoffeeScript in action, both in the browser and on a Node.

Ebooks are You just can’t give them to other people or sell them. This new edition has been extensively coffeescrjpt and updated to reflect the current state and features of CoffeeScript. Every chapter has been revised and refactored, and new sections and a new chapter on testing have been added. If you already know JavaScript, this book will make your transition to CoffeeScript easy.


Interview with Trevor Burnham on CoffeeScript

CoffeeScript is every bit as portable and effective as JavaScript. It aids development by adding a bevy of features, such as classes, splats, list comprehensions, and destructuring. This book is your complete guide to writing better JavaScript code, faster. This long-awaited feature allows stack traces to reference the original CoffeeScript source code, rather than the compiled JavaScript.

Grunt and its ilk make it much easier to manage complex project toolchains with scripts for compiling, minifying, and running code during development.

The spread of Node.

When the first edition of the book came out, Windows users had to use an emulated Linux environment like Cygwin to use Node-based CoffeeScript lragmatic. Node has come a long way since then. Top-tier tech companies like 37signals and GitHub coffeescripg CoffeeScript production, and the style of CoffeeScript code has become more standardized as a result. Some prior experience with object-oriented programming in a language such as Ruby, Python, or JavaScript is strongly recommended.


CoffeeScript by Trevor Burnham

Trevor Burnham is a full-stack web developer living in Cambridge, MA. Skip to main content. By professional developers for professional developers.

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Brief Introduction to CoffeeScript – Jumpstart Lab Curriculum

New in this edition: You Might Also Like. Source code Errata Releases. Giving Prototypes Structure Inheritance: Classy Prototype Chains Mini-Project: