Employers complete this T4A supplementary slip for: pension or to ordering slips and summaries is to use the CRA’s Web Forms application. The T4A Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income is a form reported to the Canada Revenue Agency when filing your tax return. Learn what . If you’re a student and new to filing a tax return, you might be a little unclear on what some of the slips you’re receiving are for.

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T4A Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income

Skip to main content Skip to “About this site”. You can find the current table of graduated penalties on The Compliance page. This change was done in conjunction with the redesign of the T4A slip. Identification Enter your character account number, your operating or trading name, and your address in the relevant boxes at the top of the blank summary.

If the total number of T4A slips you file is more than 50 slips for the same calendar year, you have to file them over the Internet.

T4A Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income –

The financial institution will date stamp the bottom part and return the top part to you as a receipt. Canadian companies using independent contractors in the U. Omni Management Services Ltd. How can a student obtain a duplicate copy? The blog explained that “the way the rule is written in the tax act, a T4A should be issued for any individual or company that you crz for any fee or service”.


Learn what to do after you have entered your data. Home Search Site Map. If you are crq Personal Service Business an incorporated employee The tax filing deadline for these slips is the same as for T 4s. It has a spelling mistake. For more information, see Interest and penalties. Here’s where I post current information.

A link, button or video is not working. Errors or omissions can cause unnecessary processing delays. Have each subcontractor complete your form prior to hiring them. Employee vs Independent Contractor? In a relatively recent case, the court concluded that the intent of the individual and the company must be one of the factors that is considered in determining the status of the individual.

Once this happens, you have 2 options: Line — Other information Enter the total from all T4A slips of any financial amounts not already included elsewhere on the T4A Summary. Subtract line from line This website is not associated with the business operating in Bonnyville AB. This income was previously reported in Box 28 Other Income of the T4 slip.

The totals you report on your T4A Summary have to agree with the totals you report on your T4A slips. Another CRA article that may be useful if you own and operate heavy equipment is Workers who own and operate heavy machinery-employees t4q self-employed workers? However, inthe fees for services box reporting became optional as CRA performs a review to clarify the types of fees for services that should be reported. Cda — Income tax deducted Enter the total of box from all T4A slips.


In part 4 of this series, I’ll share some of my research on what you need to know.

T4A Summary

Independent contractors are responsible for calculating and remitting their self-employment taxes. This is why they are frequently audited by CRA.

Do not send us a summary with no T4A slips or a summary with no amounts to report. If you are having a problem on a personal computer, you can leave your comments or questions using the SWS feedback button located in the lower left corner.

Expect this to be enforced sometime in the near future. Detailed T4A Summary instructions. CRA were enforcing subcontractor reporting in Make it easy on yourself and implement the following practices: Enter the seven-digit registration number tt4a that we gave you up to a maximum of three for your registered pension plans or deferred profit t4s plans. For and later years, to claim a scholarship exemption, you must be enrolled in an educational program in respect of which you are a qualifying student in or inor were eligible for the education amount in You may interested in an article by Ann Douglas published in the Periodical Writers’ Association of Canadian examining the do’s and crz of Canadian subcontracting.

Click here ta4 continue reading. In a posting at Omni Management Services Ltd. The wording exact wording is “taxpayers will not be penalized for failing to complete Box “.