Molecular studies have offered interesting findings regarding ameloblastoma pathogenesis. In the present review, the following topics are. Ameloblastoma: current etiopathological concepts and management. OA Effiom1, OM .. with the pathogenesis, invasiveness, and recurrence of ameloblastoma. Daniel J Brierley BDS (Hons) MFDSRCS (Edin) MFDSRCS (Eng) FRCPath is a Speciality Registrar in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, School.

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Molecular markers expressed in ameloblastoma Click here to view. Cadherin junctions and their cytoskeleton s. J Craniofac Cocepts ; Int J Oncol ; Possible role in local recurrence. Genetic aspects of ameloblastoma: Biological profile of cases. None, Conflict of Interest: An attempt has been made to discuss the current concepts related to molecular and genetic changes that occur in ameloblastoma as these could affect treatment plan and prognosis.

Immunohistochemical analysis of apoptosis-related factors Fas, Fas ligand, caspase-3 and single-stranded DNA in ameloblastomas.

Review article: Current concepts of ameloblastoma pathogenesis.

Analysis of immunoexpression of common cancer stem cell markers in ameloblastoma. Immunohistochemical detection conceepts p53 and PCNA in ameloblastoma and adenomatoid odontogenic tumor. Wu C, Alman BA.


Int Chin J Dent ;4: Immunohistochemical expression of cyclin D1 in ameloblastomas and adenomatoid odontogenic tumors. In situ hybridisation and immunocytochemical localisation of osteolytic cytokines and adhesion molecules in ameloblastomas. Fibroblast growth factors 7 and 10 are involved in ameloblastoma proliferation via the mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway. Current concepts of ameloblastoma pathogenesis. Indian J Dent Res ; Expression of Twist in different subtype of ameloblastomas.

Expression of Sonic hedgehog SHH signaling molecules in ameloblastomas. Immunohistochemical and FISH analysis. Syndecan-1 and Wingless-type protein-1 in human ameloblastomas. Telomerase activity and telomerase reverse transcriptase TERT expression in ameloblastomas. Expression of integrin subunits alpha2, alpha3, alpha5, alphav, beta1, beta3 and beta4 in different histological types of curreht compared pathhogenesis dental germ, dental lamina and adult lining epithelium.

J Oral Sci ; How to cite this article: Immunohistochemical detection of beta-catenin and adenomatous polyposis coli in ameloblastomas. Sonic hedgehog signalling pathway: Possible role in local invasion of tumor cells. J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; J Oral Maxillofac Pathol ; Expression of midkine in ameloblastomas and its correlation with clinicopathologic parameters. Kumamoto H, Ooya K.

Pathology and Genetics of Head and Neck Tumours.

A possible relationship to histogenesis. McMillan R, Matsui W. Immunohistochemical localization of fibroblast growth factor-1 FGF-1 and FGF-2 in cultured human ameloblastoma epithelial cells and ameloblastoma tissues. Molecular mechanisms of cytodifferentiation in mammalian tooth development.


Successful mandibular reconstruction using a BMP bioimplant. Kumamoto H, Ohki K. Expression of platelet-derived growth factor-AA and platelet-derived growth factor-alpha receptor in ameloblastomas.

Syndecan-1 CD and Ki expression in different subtypes of ameloblastomas. Association between vascular endothelial growth factor VEGF expression and tumor angiogenesis in ameloblastomas.

Ameloblastoma and adenomatoid odontogenic tumour. Biotechnol Mol Biol ;5: Critical role of heparin binding domains of ameloblastin for dental epithelium cell adhesion and ameloblastoma proliferation.

Review article: Current concepts of ameloblastoma pathogenesis.

Role played by matrix metalloproteinases and proliferative activity. Rom J Morphol Embryol ; Comparative expression of calretinin in selected odontogenic tumours: Oral Med Pathol ; Exp Ther Med ;3: Expression of p16INK4A in ameloblastoma: Immunoexpression of cancer stem cells in ameloblastoma. Local invasiveness of ameloblastoma.