View and Download D-link DI-LB install manual online. Load balancing router. DI-LB Network Router pdf manual download. View and Download D-Link DI-LB owner’s manual online. Load Balancing Router. DI-LB Network Router pdf manual download. We have 4 D-Link DI-LB – Load Balancing Router manuals available for free PDF download: Owner’s Manual, Install Manual, Quick Installation Manual.

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Using a power supply with a differentvoltage than the one included with your maunal will cause damage and void thewarranty for this product. If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller. Reset ButtonPressing this button restores the Router to itsoriginal factory default settings.

These LEDs blinkduring data transmission. Power LEDA solid light indicates aproper connection to theproper power supply. These LEDs blink during datatransmission. Set to Disable if there is no modem connectedto the WAN port.

If both WAN ports are used, one is set to Enableand the other is set to Backup, the backup line will automaticallybe used when the other line is disconnected. Select the WAN port that you would like these port options toapply to. The largest amount of data that can be transferred across agiven physical network.

Othercomputers on this LAN will see it as their gateway. The default subnet mask address is This should be your computer name.

The IP address you wish to assign to this host. This will allow you enable or disable the load balance feature. Host Network IdentityHost Name: Use thisto ensure that a particular host always uses the same PPPoEsession. A routing table entry is required for each LANsegment on di-pb604 network.

Network Address is the address of the destination networksegment. To activate or deactivate current entry. An unique name to identify the virtual server. The range of port numbers for users in public to access the virtualserver. The range of IP addresses that are allowed to d-lini the virtualserver. The protocol to trigger the Special Application. The port range used in the connection from the Special Applicationserver.

The protocol used in the connection from the Special Applicationserver. Mankal all the entries that have been created. To identify current DMZ entry. To specify which Access Group will be applied. Each Access Grouphas its own access rules. To specify that the Access Group will be applied in which way. The Group that current rule is applied to. To allow all Internet access to LAN users. To prohibit all Internet access to LAN users.


The methods for managing your queue. To enable or disable NAT routing by checking or unchecking thecheckbox. Most features, including Load Balance,will be unavailable. If some packets whose port number cannotbe translated for special applications, you must input value in portrange for Disable Port Translation.

Some special applications do not allowthe source port number to be translated. The link to NAT Alias setting page. To specify one time zone from manuql time zone list that lists all timedifferences between GMT and each local time zone. Restore To FactoryDefault Settings: You can Load the Settings through this web page.

It will drop the packets if the ping timesare excessive the threshold value Max. The email address of the receiver. Click this button will send a test e-mail in order to verify the settingsare correct. This page only useful if you an SNMP program which you can useto access the Router and receive the trap alerts. This is the system information which will identify this device. This is a technology that people can use to connect to your routerusing a domain name, instead of an IP address, even if youhave a dynamic IP address from your ISP instead of a static IPaddress.

To specify the service provider. The name of the DDNS server. The username to login to the DDNS server. Enable Backup to allow the use of Mail Exchanger. If omitted, the mailexchanger will be set to the domain name.

This port provides a means to determine the identity of a user ona particular Du-lb604 connection. By defult, the device is stealth for thisport. Enable to make this port closed, not stealth. The types of the ICMP packets that could be blocked. The link to the page to restart system. If there is any domain in your private network. Connect or disconnect PPPoE sessionimmediately. Renew DHCP lease immediately. The device keeps a running log of events and activities occurringon the device.


D-Link DI-LB : Load Balancing Router Owner Manual

The log will display up to recent logs. Newer logactivities will overwrite the older logs. When the device is rebooted,the logs are automatically cleared.

If checked, device will send e-link messages to other machine log servers. Even you uncheck it, the system will generatelog messages. If checked, the sent messages will be kept on device, otherwisethe sent message will be deleted.

Up to 3 syslog servers can be used. If checked, the log message will be sent to the server. Get the newest statistics data. Clear all the statistics counters to 0.

Dlink DI-LB Port Forwarding Guide

The link to NAT Status page. Get the newest status information. This displays the current number of active connections. For furtherdetails, click the View Connection list button. Statistics are displayed for Checksum errors, number of retries,and number of bad packets.

We cover various aspects of the network setup,including the network v-link.

D-link DI-LB604 Install Manual

Please read the following if you are having problems. The device has the utility builtin to a ROM chip in the device itself.

Your computer must be on the same IP subnet toconnect to the web-based utility. To resolve difficulties accessing a Di-lg604 utility, please follow the steps below. The wiring in crossover and straight-through cables are different. Disable any Internet security software running on the computer. Double click the Internet Options Icon.

Go to the desktop and close any open windows. Check your IP Address. Most D-Link devices use the It will return your IP Address, subnetmask, and manhal gateway. By default, it should be X where X is between Make sure that the numberyou choose is not in use on the network. Type in a Host can be any word. After you reboot, the computerwill now have a static, private IP Address. You may be asked if you want to reboot your computer. Access the Web management.

Click the Home tab and click the WAN button. Click on Apply and then Continueto save the changes.