How To Use Cocky Comedy To Make Women Feel Instant Attraction And and created the technique I call “Cocky & Funny” (and later “Cocky Comedy”) that. David DeAngelo came out with Double Your Dating in and introduced the world to using cocky and funny lines. Since then he’s made mega-bucks on it. How To Use The Powerful Combination I Call “Cocky Comedy” To Not Only Make How to perfectly blend “cocky” with “funny” so your humor is always creating.

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Examples of Cocky Funny Humor

If you do, she’ll just be offended – not challenged. She doesn’t find a guy with a sense of humor attractive… It’s the other way around – she’s attracted to him FIRST, then she laughs and thinks the guy has a good sense of humor.

The point here is that you’re not complimenting her, you’re challenging her. He has a passion for teaching how to use human psychology to date more women and become a better person. Keep the excellence of your masterpiece works. I will see you soon, David. Yet, if we put them together, we will have its savory benefit.

She sighed, in a good way, and wrote it down. I am not a chemist, but the components of our table salt, taken separately, is deadly to us.

ø Examples of Cocky Funny Humor ø PUA David DeAngelo Pick Up Artist Double Your Dating

To make this short, I called her the same night, and she was, “Wow, I deangel not expecting your call. Me- “You would love it? Don’t say, “Oh, Deabgelo a lab tech” or something equally boring.


I never put them together, like you put it, as a formula. She laughed, and I said to my mind, “Kids, so easily getting amused. Think “stand-up philosopher” rather than “stand-up comedian”. I slightly smiled at her, and said, “What? Me- “Good, I want you to help me find this book I don’t say, ‘Can you please help me I said, “Wait, are you leaving like that without saying ‘it was pleasure meeting you?

She was laughing daviid hard that her face turned red, but I never laughed, rather, would smirk.

Me- “I gotta go. I am not sorry, whatsoever, lol.

You like my lips? Eyes like a furious deep blue sea? Online Dating Advice for Men.

Telling a girl that she’s cute like a cartoon is a nice touch I’m still hoping that’s what you meant. NOW, if you’re reading this right now, and thinking to yourself “This is great stuff, I need to learn how to use my communication and humor to attract women”, then I have something to say to you:.

You should be grateful if I touch your forehead with them!!! It is all the opposite when you do feel attracted to someone. It was talked about, discussed and tried out. Whether or not you feel comfortable. Click here for what I think are some great principles for meeting women and being an attractive man.

Cocky Funny Guide – Lines, Examples and Routines

Needless to say, I swear David, we had sex. But along came this guy who said he had the answers, and who was great at marketing… and lo-and-behold… the cocky funny approach became the way of the pickup artist. Again, it’s off the wall, but it’s funny and it works. She- “What book is that,” she asked me, as she gave me that wondrous look.


Republished with permission from mASF Forum. So, here’s how this works: I owe you my present success with them, and I thank you in advance for the foregoing prosperity that the future holds for me with them. But guess where those guys land? I have always been funny, and separately, cocky. This is simply a matter of experience. Say, “Oh, I work with chemicals, like the ones in your hair dye. This is an interesting way of saying it I won’t miss your next seminar!

Most women in their 20’s soak this up because they are challenged by even the coarsest humor. Cocky and funny approach For those who don’t know, the ” cocky and funny ” approach deals with being humorous and challenging at the verbal level. For example, if she says, well, I’m working my way through school as a waitress”, don’t bust her here.

They fail in trying to imitate me” I wanted to leave already, even though I was having a good time. I realize that this is making you very attracted to me, but please control yourself. If you’re too cocky, you look like a jerk. She did not complaint. I mean it made sense right?