“But does Agile scale?” Emerging stories and case studies indicate that it certainly does. InfoQ brings you two excerpts from Dean Leffingwell’s book ” Scaling. Best Practices for Large Enterprises, by Dean Leffingwell. Agile software development can be adopted on the enterprise level, and Dean Leffingwell’s “Scaling Software Agility” explains how. This free chapter, “The.

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You can also sign up for news updates by entering your email address in the lower right of the home page there. Leffingwells book is a necessary guide for large projects and large organizations making the transition to agile development.

Journals aren’t just for angst-ridden adolescents. It looked like an entire soccer team was there, in uniform!

A 5-step plan Better testing through cat photos? If you are engaged in any of the portfolio or program management functions in your enterprise, you should take a serious look at this solution. Here’s how NASA does it. For details, see below WHAT: Here’s how to use computer vision and machine learning for test automation when your usual toolkit and framework won’t work.

Furthermore, no matter how scalibg I tried softeare learn and research proven methods, I rarely found extensive material to help us on our journey. For details, see below.


Dean Leffingwell | Scaled Agile

The abstracts are complete now for the Team level; other levels to follow. Intentional Architecture Chapter He outlines how Agile addresses this “need for speed”, and agikity a quick overview of several well-known methods: Mauricio died November 24 Thanksgiving while out running with his son Trey, age nine.

Here’s why your agile team—and IT leadership—must learn to embrace failure. Subscribe to our industry email notices? Want to be a better tester?

Dean Leffingwell

Though there are other ways like pair programming. Intelligent testing empowers QA to move from being compliance-driven to helping drive business success. To plan and reasonably commit to the larger projects that last months or even years, agile leaders need tools that allow them to say what the road map looks like.

See leffingsell privacy notice for details. The right way saling run a risk-assessment session: The Essence of Agile Chapter 8: Test automation expert and practitioner Angie Jones outlines 10 things testers want in the next generation of codeless tools. Stuff you should be doing earlier In addition, especially in the first year or so of sovtware to agile, scalingg hardening sprint may be used legitimately for a number of other things.

World Quality Report Bloggat om Scaling Software Agility: Creating the Agile Enterprise – an additional set of seven organizational capabilities that companies can master to achieve the full benefits of software agility on an enterprise scale.


Leffingwell has applied his experience to the organizational challenge of implementing agile methods at scale with entrepreneurial teams as well as distributed, multi-national corporations.

We need to talk about the software development lifecycle, to think about funding value streams, not just individual projects. For the first time, a book accomplished softaare missing void we saught so hard to find. Why real agile leaders embrace failure.

Menu Skip to content. Even though I knew Mo leffigwell well, I was indeed amazed to find out what an incredible Renaissance person Mo was. In fact, understanding any and all reasons for higher vs.

Preface Agile Software Requirements: In addition, especially in the first year or so of transition to agile, the hardening sprint may be used legitimately for a number of other things. Here’s how to go about it, both for your team and for your own professional growth.