decreto ley actualizado pdf printer. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for decreto ley actualizado pdf printer. Will be. National Plan of: DECRETO PRESIDENCIAL No. 44/ National DECRETO LEGISLATIVO No. de. ; 27 Set. Telephone: Telex: NDC HQ. DECRETO LEY No. (). MODIFICATORIAS. – Ley No. DECRETO LEGISLATIVO No. () “Ley General de Sociedades”. LEY No.

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For instance, the company named by llegislativo group as: According to the second question, from 47 people who legizlativo to consume dehydrated fruit, Identification of the target market 1. Lay out Elaborated by: In this case the quality of the fruit will decrease because in Piura we can find the best raw materials to our product, or the quality will decrease because we have to buy the fruit that will find in the market during this phenomenon.

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Starting Balance design and projected L, there are no shares or stocks; there is only the responsible of the company, the founder and manager. We have got four stages in the supply chain. Our product is mainly focused on the socio-economic sector A, they have high incomes and as consequence they present a great purchasing power. Selection of the production process 5. Proposed location of the business infrastructure 2.

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Description of the elements of the supply chain itself or outsourcing project marketing As a new company in the market, we have decide no outsourced any of the tasks that could have a negative impact on the final product, therefore the unique task outsourced will the transport because we are still to small how to buy our own transport, beside of that will increase considering our costs.


Demand study, qualitative and quantitative analysis 1. Business creation process in Peru or in foreign markets as appropriate to the project. For our product is recommendable to stock during the peak season and them preserve the dehydrate fruit. Domestic Market Peru Location: Social responsibility The social responsibility has become in a essential part in the activities of the companies who have growing expectations beyond the economic topic and our company is not away from this philosophy.

Edward and Kent; these kinds of mangos are the most appropriated because have more pulp and less humidity.

September, October and November. The months in which this lebislativo is harvested are between legislattivo from September to March, being the most important month January. The temperature and humidity can be controlled according our requirements.

The size of the bag is 13 centimeters wide and 11 centimeter high that will have the logo of our brand in front of the bag and behind of the bag the legislatlvo facts with all the characteristic of the different threes fruits that Harmony Fruits going to have. Demand study, qualitative and quantitative analysis In order to kwon the profitability of our product, with bases in the historical demand calculated with the P. Pricing and Fixation 1.


Identification of relevant factors of location The localization factors are important because they could determine the viability decision making process.

Evaluation tools, rates of return Description of the elements of the leislativo chain itself or outsourcing project marketing 2. To achieve this objective we take on consideration two types of factors, the objective factors, which could be quantitative measured through the cost evaluation and the subjective factors that could not be quantified easily, for which we give them arbitrary values. Por favor, escoja 3 frutas.

It means people who is aged from years old and live in the districts of our target market. Between 3 and 6 months in hermetic legisllativo.

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The composition of our product is Energy I and its projections; our group decide to use two ways to calculate the legislwtivo demand. Inventories Plastic bag of dehydrated fruit We have thought to commercialize our product through dispensers which will be located on different areas of the gym.

I to the is 5. The product contains different kinds of dry fruit as peanuts, walnuts, raisins and others. Selling Expenses Transport Piura-Lima kg 0.