Forex Retail Trading Explained. ‘Bird Watching in Lion Country’ by Dirk du Toit. Bird Watching in Lion Country, Retail Forex Trading Explained has 11 ratings and 0 reviews: pages, Watching in Lion by. Dirk du Toit. Other editions. Dirk du Toit is the author of Bird Watching in Lion Country, Retail Forex Trading Explained ( avg rating, 11 ratings, 0 reviews).

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Sometimes he’ll do this, sometimes he won’t generally because he likes to keep things simple and hedging can act an extra layer of complication. The whole system is based on the fact that you have an edge because your trade in the way of the fundamental trend.

His theory is that the price will revert to the median with time and uses this to time trades. Advantages you take in with you when you open a trade, and edge which you have. If the bottom of the grid is breached by price and the breach continues then obviously the grid is no longer really valid and needs to be readjusted.

Want to trade but work full-time? My relational analysis is first of all for a closed audience: Simultaneously we introduce the concepts “real-time” and “relational” analysis. Can I later upgrade to the personal mentoring “Class” and what will the cost be?

Want to trade forex but have no economics knowledge? Nandhini marked it as to-read Jul 03, When thinking about reviewing the book Bird Watching in Lion Country I realized how difficult it is to write an objective, fair and substantiated book review. Online Training Options Personal Mentoring Program Comprehensive, ‘all-in’ online mentoring for persons serious about forex trading. Taking the risk that I stand to be corrected by the Doc himself, I would say he is an not very strict intra week trader.


Bird Watching In Lion Country By Dirk Du Toit

But you must be very wary and suspicious of much of what you read on web sites or receive as email. It makes much more sense to make sure you can trade fountry a small amount and make relative good returns in percentage terms to one day if you have the means trade properly than to be fooled by randomness gird misread your luck for skill and then later just lose a large amount when your luck turn. Luckily there is an alternative sensible, do-able, practical and in many cases lkon profitable way to trade forex.

The theory of forex trading, which you get for free, or a-dime-a-dozen ebooks, courses, classes, videos, webinars and the dirj reality of making trading decisions in an highly uncertain, always changing environment are two very different kettle of fish.

People have spent and wasted years and often thousands of dollars on ‘training programs and courses’ and ‘systems’, each one promising to be the only way to make serious money on forex trading. They tell you that you “can trade in any timeframe of your choice”. It is about relating price and price changes ; time the time it take the price to change and the time of considering any price ; and events any factors that may influence prices in the time frame I look at the market.

You are goit your own and you are responsible!

Dirk du Toit (Author of Bird Watching in Lion Country, Retail Forex Trading Explained)

Dirk has a new book out there as in In I became aware of the “forex trading craze”. The edge is not the result of the system, but the beginning.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. However, Dirk du Toit calls himself a technical trader because he uses technical parameters of recent and historical price changes and technical price levels to make trading decisions in conjunction with the above. Most indicators only serve to confuse the issues. For many years I have provided Daily Briefings to personal mentoring clients.

You work on your own. He also explains practical aspects which will confront you and which can be used to your detriment or used to contribute to your success.

Learn more about West Hills Movers moveprola at http: Unlike other ebooks in the market this ebook does not sell you a system which you can cram and apply, it sells a pattern of successful behaviours which traders can acquire. You can sign up for future newsletters on Dirk’s website.

The book serves as a step by step guide to beginners as well as experienced traders on how to make money in the forex market. Personal Mentoring Program Comprehensive, ‘all-in’ online mentoring for persons serious about forex trading. Not everyone involved in the forex business is a crook or charlatan, of course.

You need to think and plan years ahead! Then put a framework around that, which gives you a way to trade.

There’s no short cut or ‘quick fix’ that can guarantee instant success with forex trading, including this or any other book or trading system. Adam rated it really liked it Dec 03,