Lisez «Shikasta Re, Colonised Planet 5» de Doris Lessing avec Rakuten Kobo. This is the first volume in the series of novels Doris Lessing calls collectively. Shikasta, the first in what would become five science fiction novels by Doris Lessing, begins with a journey in to the pre-history of the planet. DORIS LESSING’S rapidly growing series of novels, ”Canopus in by the infiltration into Shikasta of agents from the evil planet Shammat.

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He can do nothing eespaol to evacuate those ready to leave everything behind, and leave the others to thousands of years in spiritual darkness. The Summer Before the Dark.

The Birthday of the World. I’ve since finished re-reading it in its eBook form. What all this means lessinng that so far the first pages of the book have been an incredibly tedious reimagining of the history of Earth told by someone who doesn’t realize that the “shaggy God” cliche is, in fact, a cliche.

Shikasta: Re, Colonised Planet 5 – San Jose Public Library – OverDrive

An attempt to be clever that fails in an impenetrable epistolary mess. Any profound spiritual or political message is lost on me since I just refuse to believe that any message of importance shikastq be this boring. With Her in Ourland.

This page was last edited snikasta 11 Octoberat My wife asked me why I was so irritable and snappish all the time. I have been going through my books and reading those I recall fondly, but forget. But it was the Canopus in Argus sequence, identified by Lessing as her most important work, that the Nobel committee recognised when describing their author as “the epicist of the female experience”.


The story is very slow, has a lot of repetition and obvious things, and the language is hard to read too. The Shammat, who set the Shikastans on a course of self-destruction, self-destruct themselves and withdraw from the planet. The science fiction element seems unnecessary, the book would have worked as well, or even better, if the fantastical element was dropped.

Faites part de votre avis aux autres lecteurs en notant ce livre et en laissant un commentaire. That year, she also published her first novel, The Grass Is Singingand began her career as a professional writer.

Retrieved 25 March A very interesting start into the cycle, proposing an ‘alternative history’ of Earth. Vous pouvez lire cet lrssing avec l’une des applications et appareils Kobo suivants: Writing and Living, I really wanted to leseing this but life is too short.

In addition to Canopus, two other empires also establish a presence on the planet: I neither found a coherent story, nor any characters to care for, and parts of it is too much of a lecture to me. There’s no plot for the reader to follow. The insensate jabbering on and on about the evils of history with nary a holistic breakdown into tiers of intra community issues and intersectional community action outside the jurisdiction of the status quo is, I imagine, one reason why liberals are laughed at so much.


Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Re: Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta

The book represented a major shift of focus in Lessing’s writing, from realism to science fiction, and this disappointed many of her readers.

Works by Doris Lessing. If Ma Jian ever read this, he’d probably laugh his head off at the portrayal of those calm and efficient and silently menacing Chinese that frame the last few hundred pages, positive stereotypes doing nothing to reaffirm the humanity of the stereotyped.

Later in the book, Shikasta is identified as Earth[2] [3] [4] or an allegorical Earth. Something about all the other peoples of the world turning against the white people, but there turns out to be some tendency toward reconciliation, after all.

Tales of the Emperor. But there’s a reason I listed my political problems last. Canopus is the home planet of a superior, almost transcendental Shikasta is the first of five volumes in Lessing’s Canopus in Argos cycle. The central conceit of this book is that all the stuff from the Bible is actually literally true, but misunderstood.

Subsequent reading of volumes three and five of the five-part series did nothing to help me appreciate Lessing’s work.