A few years ago, strength coaches Dan John, a champion discus thrower, and Pavel Tsatsouline, a former special-forces trainer, asked that question. Easy Strength is a strength training protocol consisting of performing the same lifts on the Easy Strength training program by Dan John and Pavel Tsatsouline. “Everything in excess is opposed to nature”—Hippocrates. Perhaps you, the reader, are familiar with Easy Strength by Pavel and Dan John, but.

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This is not ;avel program for someone who gets bored easily. You make small changes to the movements, switching from bench press to incline bench press, thick-bar deadlift to snatch-grip deadlift and front squat to back squat. I’m getting ready for my RKC weekend and was worried that I wasn’t going to meet the standard.

On a good day I can press it for 4 reps on my left and right. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The four quadrants that Pavel and Dan outline help you quickly determine which range of strebgth qualities are ideal for any athlete.

I hated the fact that I had to wait until about 30 sessions in to start hitting my goals consistently. Hope you’re not doing any of them.

Pavel and Dan John are two of the best communicators in the industry. The best part is that I only discussed one topic here in the article, strength. The great ones use their position to promote understanding and communication of complex material simply and easily. Use the muscle round technique to light up your brachialis and add size to your arms. It was the best book I’ve read this year on training. Dietary Myth Busting Diet Strategy.

Dips for Chest vs. Yes, there are lots of different routines like a buffet. As I said before, the book is a gem and a must own for fitness professionals and weekend warriors alike. Plus, there’s a lifetime worth of sample training regimens divided into the strenvth quadrants of physical activity.


Easy Strength: Your Answer For Size and Strength Part 1

Unfortunately, this brilliance may be over looked on the first read of Easy Strength because ran is such an easy approach. Doing so may serve as the greatest timesaver in history!

How would you account for doubles work? I’ve seen MANY books based completely on the science of training athletes, but from my own experience, when you train athletes in the real world you need to learn how to tweak science.

I’ve been involved in the weightlifting, strength training, and bodybuilding game for 26 years now. After the first week, I thought I was ready to press the 40K again…oh wait I really just wanted to try it because I am impatient. East Strength looks at everything this way. It was tough to get motivated to pistol 4 days a week so there were a few weeks I only ended up working out 2 or 3 times.

I got really damn strong for me. I scannedread about Sandow, Aserati, and the Russian greats. Me and my two training partners implemented the Even Easier Strength rep scheme, waving the weights up when tsatsoulien are feeling stronger, and taking it easy when we don’t. Do the absolute minimum to get the absolute maximum.

“Easy Strength” 40 Day Program Review

I have to admit, that’s what I was thinking when I saw the new title Pavel and Dan put out. Ab rollouts, body saws and hanging leg raises were the 3 big core exercises I used. With the promise of a full refund if you’re unsatisfied, you have nothing to lose by trying Easy Strength eBook. As much as I think of Beyond Bodybuilding, it is now moved one further out on my shelf so Easy Strength can sit side strwngth side with Supertraning.

Easy Strength: Your Answer For Size and Strength Part 1 | Evolution Strength & Performance

How bodybuilders can fight post-show depression, how to eat carbs and stay lean, and what to do if squats make you hurt. I will do my very best to promote Strdngth Strength not just because of its authors but because it is necessary for anyone who needs to be stronger for a purpose!


Here’s what all that means and how it relates to building scary strength. This book is revolutionary. Push Pull Squat Hinge Explosive Full-Body Various Rotary Movements While you could further break each of these down to unilateral, bilateral, horizontal, and vertical, these 6 movements make up everything we do as athletes or better yet, human beings!

This was the toughest exercise in the program for me. Keep track of your programs and organize them in advance. Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest Reddit. Hands down the best book I have read in the strength and conditioning domain.

There is no such thing as an easy pistol. In football, we have a phrase for this: You will discover that almost everything discussed in strngth fitness industry has been done before—and often better.

Thinking adn schemes to make sure you keep you reps under 10 while varying the intensity? Great Coaches and exceptional people can turn prospects into customers, and customers into evangelists. You’ll do six singles, adding weight each rep. This is often the day where people test themselves a little. This book is a must read.

More on my thoughts about including the pistol as part of this program. What I learned most with this exercise was when to back off and when to go heavy.