The Egogram Test was developed by the psychologists J. M. Dusay and Dr. Erick Bern. The test identifies positive and negative aspects of your personality with. Egogram is a test which serves as a self-awareness tool. Take it as the mirror of your personality. On completion, you’ll find out how much emotional energy is. personality, ego, egogram, transactional analysis, analysis and phycological test, egogram has been originated and used widely in medical, clinical.

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The Egogram Test

Lower than average Adapted Child; You sometimes question yourself before acting. By somfoolishfoole in forum What’s my personality type? You are sensitive to the affective side of situations. In your mind rules are sometimes useful.

You act without being concerned about what people think. On the inside, you are trying to sort things out and you do not feel comfortable with yourself. Concerning reality and fact analysis You ask yourself too many questions and it prevents you from making decisions.


You want to be close to others and be liked by them. Your psychological autonomy Going along with the previous section, you have a rather good psychological autonomy. Overall it made no sense. You are a purely creative person, relying constantly on your intuition.

This is seriously quite right about a lot of me! You sometimes behave according to what people might think, without always depending on it. Concerning emotions, feelings and energy: Last edited by pwowq; at Your values and your involvement in others’ problems: You appear to be a rather calm person, with no esssential need to spend energy expressing yourself.

The Egogram Test

When you decide something, it is not easy to stop you or to make you change your mind. Their problems do not concern you. Going along with the previous section, you have a rather weak psychological autonomy.

You think of others’ well-being first. I won’t list all the detailed answers, but here are the two summaries from the end of the ‘test results’ page. You clearly show or express your emotions. You have a quite normal imagination and you follow your intuitions to a reasonable degree.


Egogram – Introduction

You are still a kind person. You appear to be a rather calm person, with no essential need to spend energy expressing yourself. The most significant points 1. Concerning your capacity for change You are not particularly interested in or concerned with change.

You are a rather self-assured person. You might not be easygoing. Gauging the situation around me incl the humans means I’m easily tesr. Very adaptable to change, you are also capable of being a leader.

Concerning reality and fact analysis: Higher than average “Adult” ; you interpret reality in a rational way.