The EHEIM Automatic Feeder -autofeeder- is a electronically controlled feeding unit for up to 4 With manual release button and LCD clock function. Owing to the constant requests for automatic fish feeder operation instruction, we have decided to how a couple if videos so that it is easier for you to set. The Everyday Turtle Feeder is designed with a weighted have pre-made openings for automatic feeding units. . times, press the “EHEIM“ manual release .

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I took one additional step in setting up our Spec V for when we are away. The unit is controlled by a digital timer and display.

Eheim fish feeder instructions

With the small confines and the light in the way, it is best to clamp onto the glass, offset to miss the light. The timers runs, but I can not set the time or the feedings. The automatlc incorporates a fan that cycles on to keep the food in the bin dry.

For our Spec V, I had a challenging time finding the best location for the feeder dheim our setup. What is the battery life for this.

Hello, Nice write up.

It can dispense any dry fish food, from flakes to granules. To give you the best odds, start with a fresh set of alkaline batteries. I prefer to mount the feeder with one rather than let it sit on the cover.

The best care for your fish

Just curious — why do you need just the bracket? Metric values are conversions from english and rounded to the nearest mm: You are of course checking to see that it actually feeds, that the bin turns the number of times you intend, that the food falls into the tank not accidentally on the cover instead for exampleand that the quantity of food dropped is as desired.


I have it scheduled so that this timer turns off at 6: In my research, this model of fish feeder had very good user reviews. Inevitably, there comes a time when you have to leave town and then the reality sets in: It works for our needs.

The feeding door on the food bin generally works well. I set mine to feed at 6: This option works well for open tanks. I try to keep my maintenance regimen xutomatic, but there is a minimum level of effort to keep everyone in the tank healthy. Make sure and setup your fish feeder several days, if not a week or more ahead of your departure so you can be sure it works as you intend.

The Eheim fish feeder works by rotating a drum containing eneim fish food. For those that have not plugged the bypass opening on their Spec aquariumthis is not such a critical issue because if the water level drops below the ehrim of the overflow grates, it can still flow into the lower bypass opening to feed the pump. Description of Eheim Automatic Fish Feeder: We have tested this setup for more than a week with us gone on vacation. Water changes, regular cleaning, feeding, and attention to your tank.

This setup works well with aquariums that have a canopy or other flat surface on top of the aquarium. The lights are already scheduled with automatif separate timer that I have operating year round. The event time came and went with no action.



The reason for this is that Eheim has this product doing double duty as a turtle feeder. The timer can be programmed for 1 to 4 feeding events per day, with each feeding event time set mnual the user.

Most people are giving the Eheim auto fish feeder very good reviews with only a few negative comments.

The first is the simplest, and that is to simply set the unit on a flat surface with the bin portion of the feeder hanging over the surface of your aquarium water. As it is, the timer has to be set to dispense at least once a day.

EHEIM autofeeder Automatic Feeder

Those confirm that it will actually turn and dump food one turn per arrow at the set time. Fishkeeping requires a automayic level of commitment. The clamp pictured does come with the fish feeder.

Metric values are eeim from english and rounded to the nearest mm:. I have observed it in use and it is very consistent and reliable in feeding our fish.

I tested the feeding action by setting the unit up over a white bowl and hitting the feed button.