Long Range Multi-function Indoor Access Point/Client BridgeLong-Range CoverageWireless N SpeedMultiple Operation Modes: Access Point, Router, . After changing the operation mode to Access Point Router mode, the ethernet port on ECB will act as a WAN port, which means you can. Product Highlights. The ECB features robust transmit power, enhanced receive sensitivity, and MIMO antenna array. It provides superior performance and.

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Table of Contents Introduction The ECB is a Wireless Network device that delivers up to 6x faster speeds and 7x extended coverage than The ECB supports use in the home network with superior throughput, performance, and significant wireless range.

Enhanced user performance and density. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, or other similar software 1. There is no wired internet connection to reach certain location of the environment. Here are some key guidelines to allow the ECB to have optimal wireless range. Ensure that the IP address and subnet mask are on the same subnet as the device.

Ensure that the cable is securely connected to both the ECB and the Computer. Reset Button One click for reset the device. Press over 10 seconds for reset to factory default.

Ethernet Port Ethernet port for RJ cable. Default Settings IP Address Once you have entered the correct username and password, click the Login button to open the web-base configuration page.

The stations and clients must be configured to use the same SSID and security password to associate with the In this mode, configure the MAC addresses in both Access Points to enlarge the wireless area by enabling Use this mode when two wired LANs located a small distance apart want to communicate with each other.

Internet through the ECB The ECB supports up to four In order to switch the operating mode, select it from the Operation Mode from the System Menu. There are six operation modes: The ECB will display how much time it will take to restart the device in the new operating mode as shown below.

This is your WAN connection type. Default Gateway The default gateway of the Router. Channel The wireless channel in use. Security The wireless encryption in use.

You can also set the IP Addresses of the connected devices manually. The Schedule Table will display: The entry number of the schedule. The name given to the schedule. After selecting Add or Edit, the following form will show up. Fill in the form to set the schedule you want. Schedule Schedule Description Assign a name to the schedule. Service Ecb300 service provided for the schedule.


EnGenius ECB Default Password & Login, Manuals and Reset Instructions | RouterReset

Days Set which days the schedule will be active. Time of day Set what time of the selected days the schedule will be active. When powered down or rebooted, the Event Log will be cleared. Event Log Save Save the log to a. The histograms represent the bandwidth usage of both the daily use of the Ethernet and the daily use of the WLAN. If you click on Detail, a new browser window will open with 4 additional histograms 6 total.

Band Select the types of wireless clients that the device will accept. Check Channel Time When Auto Channel is Enabled, you can specify the period of device will scan the wireless signals around your area.

EnGenius ECB High-Powered, Long-Range Wireless N ECB

You can use up to 32 characters. AP list after site survey. Enter the correct security setting. Add AP profile successfully, click on [Close] to close the browser. Select an AP and click on [Connect]. Connect Evb300 successfully, click on [Close] to close the browser. Advanced Client Bridge mode Fragment Threshold Specifies the maximum size of the packet per fragment.

This function can reduce the chance of packet collision. However, when the fragment threshold is set too low, there will be increased overhead resulting in poor performance. N Data Rate You can limit the transfer rates between the device and wireless clients. Channel Bandwidth Set whether each channel uses 20Mhz or 40Mhz transmission frequency. It will be invisible to the clients. Wi-Fi Multi-Media is a Quality of Service protocol which prioritizes traffic in the order according to voice, video, best effort, and background.

Disabled – No data encryption is used. If using passphrase format, the Key must be from 8 to 63 characters in ecb030. Please ensure that your wireless clients use the same settings.

Government standard of WPA2 encryption. Click this button to add the entry. Reset Click this button if you have made a mistake and want to reset the MAC address and Description fields. Delete Selected Delete the selected entries. This is set as the mode selected in the Security option in the Wireless menu.

It is required if wireless clients that do not support WPS attempts to connect to the wireless network. Only in Access Point mode. Engeniuss can save three AP profiles at most. Only in Client Bridge mode. Encryption The encryption method to be applied. Please select the correct security type.

The LAN setting in Router mode: Only in Router mode. Select this option if you have a DSL connection. Enter the username and password provided by your ISP. Hostname This is optional. Denial of Service Denial of Service is a type of Internet attack that sends a high amount of data to you with the intent to overload your Internet connection.


Enable the DoS firewall feature to automatically detect and block these DoS attacks. This can be used to control which Ecb3000 applications the computers can access. You may need to have certain knowledge of what Internet ports the applications use.

EnGenius ECB300 – wireless access point

Deny all clients with IP addresses When selected, the computers with IP addresses specified will be Denied access to listed below to access ebgenius network the indicated Internet ports. Allow all clients with IP addresses When selected, the computers with IP addresses specified egnenius be Allowed access listed below to access the network Only in Access Point Client Router mode. This helps you host servers behind the NAT and Firewall. In the example below, there is a FTP Server that requires ports 21 to Port Triggering If you use Internet applications which use non-standard connections or port numbers, you may find that they do not function correctly because they are blocked by the Wireless Router’s firewall.

Port Triggering will be required for these applications to work. If you use any of the applications listed on the table below, select the feature and click Apply. It also provides automatic port forwarding for supported applications to seamlessly bypass the Firewall.

Quality of Service QoS QoS allows you to control ecb300 priority that the data is transmitted over the Internet, or to reserve a specific amount of Internet bandwidth. This is to ensure that applications get enough Internet bandwidth for a good user experience. The data transmissions in the High Priority queues will be processed first.

Bandwidth Allocation Method You can set the maximum amount of bandwidth a certain protocol will use at one time. Or you can set a minimum amount of bandwidth that will be guaranteed to a certain protocol. Static Routing If your wireless router is connected to a network with different subnets, this feature will allow the different subnets to communicate with each other.

The NAT function needs to be disabled for the Routing feature to be enabled. Dynamic Routing Dynamic routing allows routing tables in routers to change as the possible routes change. This device use RIP to support dynamic routing. By default, the password fcb300 The password can contain 0 to 12 alphanumeric characters and is case sensitive. There is additional setting Remote Management in Router mode.