Apgar Familiar Historia En el Dr Gabriel Smilkstein ¿Qué es el Apgar Familiar? Es un cuestionario de 5 preguntas ¿Para que sirve?. % em ansiedade. depressão e APGAR familiar. respectivamente. . Family Apgar: it is an instrument designed by Gabriel Smilkstein, neurologist, in .. Validación de la escala de Zung para depresión en universitarias de. 6 jan. J.C. Gil de MoraisValidade da prova “Apgar familiar” Revista Portuguesa de Clínica Geral. Lisboa (32) R. Paixão, R. OliveiraA Escala instrumental e expressiva do suporte social Smilkstein, Smilkstein, G. ().

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The family bonds demonstrated that Furthermore, all signed the Statement of Informed Consent.

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The elders that lived alone were excluded from the research. Test results were compared with the depression clinical diagnosis, finding a sensitivity of To analyze the validity of the construct, there was an exploratory factorial analysis, using the technique of analysis of main components, with the orthogonal Varimax rotation.

Likewise, Campo et al.

In the absence of differences in the item score regarding the total test, it is affirmed that the item does not have power of discrimination, a reason why it must be eliminated. The participants were informed about the goals of the study; eventual questions about the research were answered, and it was guaranteed the right to anonymity and confidentiality of data.

I am satisfied with the way my family demonstrates affection and reacts to my emotions, such as anger, regret or love.

The Pearson Chi-square test for contingency tables was ewcala to measure the independence between clinical diagnoses and their incidence per year. Scores are compared through the ROC Curve methodology. The maximum significance level for the contrast of the statistical hypotheses was 0, It was finally constituted by 19 items with a Cronbach Alpha reliability of, 0, What is coefficient alpha?

The psychometric instruments used to determine levels of anxiety and depression were designed by Zung. To determine if the test scores in the study showed significant differences between the two genders, Student’s t-test was used faamiliar independent groups.

No significant differences were observed between students’ age groups.

Analysis of psychometric properties of family APGAR with elderly in northeast Brazil

Finally, higher anxiety and depression were found in the women’s group compared to the men’s, and a similar level of family dysfunction in both groups. Of these, students A rating instrument for anxiety disorders. In the sample, all elders that were autonomous, with functional communication and cognitive capacity -indifferently from the level of functional independence, and that freely adhere to this study, were added.


The Zung Anxiety Scale: The results of the research are presented below in the order they were obtained. The lack of validation studies is a disturbing fact, once the clinical decision making process must be based on the use of criteria and instruments that are clearly adequate to be consumed by specific groups, because there are sociocultural particularities present among different population segments and geographic scenarios, thus not enabling great generalizations of the results of adequacy of certain procedures.

Further analysis of the factorial structure can clarify how the instrument in fact, evaluates the family functionality construct. METHOD This is a methodological research, that deals with the development, validation and evaluation of research tools The scale was created by Zung inbased on affective, physiological and psychological aspects that usually characterize depression.

The items on the scale show an adequate level of dis crimination regarding the high and low scores of the scale, except for items 10, 12 and 17, which show areas under the curve lower than 0,7, but significantly different from 0,5. Recuperado el 15 de marzo dede Recuperado el 15 de marzo dede http: The Zung Depression Scale: Family Apgar items show an excellent discrimination level with respect to the total score, with areas under the ROC curve significantly higher than 0,5, at a significance level of 0,01 See Table 4.

In the process of determination of the number of tamiliar, the criterion of eigenvalues higher than one was used. According to the content, each one of the 18 defining characteristics of the nursing diagnose was associated to one of the domains of the Family APGAR adaptation, partnership, growth, affection or resolve.

A self-rating depression scale.

A bibliographical research performed in an electronic database, which has scientific articles from many countries in Latin America and in the Caribbean, showed that only one Brazilian study performed in the Southeast region of Brazil demonstrated the evaluation of the psychometric proprieties of Family APGAR, but on the other hand, it is not recognized that apgaar results were also published in an article 8. Hence, to know the dynamics in how the family system works is an essential part in elderly care, over the many different scenarios of professional care.

It is perceived that the tendency will lead to confirm that traditional families become even more nuclear, with a frequent coexistence of multi-generational settings, which means children and teenagers may pose higher demands and place potential interferences to support the elderly 12. According to the recommendation for gerontology care 2it is common that, in Brazil, the scientific research use, for the evaluation of functionality of families with elders, the Family APGAR familisr The technique of “Hotelling’s t-square” was also applied, which tests the blank hypothesis that all averages from all items are the same.


This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Apgar Familiar by paola hernandez mendez on Prezi

Investigations that proposed a psychometric analysis of the qualitative measurement instruments are important, once their reliability and validation are essential aspects to estimate the scientific quality of standardized instruments 13 Psychologia2 2 To answer these questions the following objectives were proposed: Therefore, with this specific public there was the confirmation that the instrument must be used only for screening, to estimate family functionality, as it does not allow a complete evaluation of the construct.

The value of Cronbach’s alpha had a different result when one of the items was suppressed, varying from 0. Revista de la Facultad de Medicina Based on the interpretation of the factorial matrix, it was considered as factorial loads below 0.

Psichosomatics12 6 It is not suggested to modify the questionnaire proposed by Zung famjliar measure anxiety, to be applied in Colombian population with the characteristics described above.

Student’s t- test was used to compare medians between two independent groups and one factor ANOVA in escqla case of more than two independent groups, with a posteriori comparisons of Least Significant Difference LSD. The analysis of the validity of Family APGAR criterion, in this study, demonstrated to be satisfactory, which can be seen by the Pearson’s r correlation coefficient found: In general, the Anxiety, Depression and Family Apgar apgae functioned adequately in UIS students, with the only variation of the Depression scale that finally consisted of 19 items.

This last instrument was specifically developed by the authors of this study to facilitate the analysis to validate the smillstein of Family Escqla.