On Ideology. 27 Etienne Balibar. Spinoza and Politics. 28 Jean Baudrillard. The Perfect Crime. 29 Roy Bhaskar. A Realist Theory of Sconco. BALIBAR. BALIBAR. In this revised and augmented English translation of his classic, Spinoza et la Politique, Etienne Balibar presents a synoptic account of Spinoza’s major. Spinoza and Politics has 73 ratings and 4 reviews. Spoust1 said: I had only read bits of Spinoza’s Ethics when I read this book, and the bits I had read.

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A Guide to our Radical Thinkers!

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The 12 authors whose writings are included in the series have worked tirelessly to expose the mechanisms by which culture and knowledge spiboza manufactured, managed and controlled. It is worth taking a look at – a brief, exciting introduction to a classic thinker, and some new approaches to arguments we sadly still encounter today. Sign in to use this feature. Human beings do not form a kingdom within a kindom.

Balibar first admits, “Every sacred figure of power is an expression of men’s inability to see themselves as fully responsible for their own collective salvation.

poligics By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Freedom 4 of thought thus lies behind the collaboration which is essential to the combination of State and society: Customers who bought this item also bought.

How does power originate in the multitude?

Verso Books 16 December Is religion merely the opiate of the people made necessary by their subjection and impotence within a given social reality? Balibar carefully poligics Spinoza’s major treatises in the period in which they were written.

Balibar carefully situates Spinoza’s major treatises in the period in which they were written.

Furthermore, thought is, in the final analysis, de anx inalienable, any attempt to strip this minimum of humanity or irreducible minimum of individuality and autonomy can only result in the eventual explosion of antagonism and the ruin of the commonwealth. I am still not entirely sure that I have understood the main thesis or point that Balibar is trying to make in this work so Egienne will limit myself to summarizing a few of the thoughts I thought were the most interesting from this work and leave a more detailed, in depth summary to a more informed reader.


Balibar believes that Spinoza’s political works are already a metaphysics an ontology of powers and their relations and his metaphysics are already a politics again, an ontology of powers and their relations.

Thanks for posting the PDF, it does look like a slim volume, I might be tempted to read it instead of doing work…. I had been suspicious of Spinoza: It is certain to become the standard introductory work on Spinoza, an indispensable guide to the intricacies of this most vital of the seventeenth-century rationalists.

Spinoza and Politics – Etienne Balibar – Google Books

Deborah Summers rated it it was amazing Jan 22, Other books in this series. In this respect, the uniqueness of Spinoza is that of taking the movement both outer and inner, so to speak of the masses as the object of political science, and not just the legitimacy of sovereignty or the claims of order. If we had perfect knowledge of real causality there would be no inherent tendency within us to posit a power of God, or, to pray to such a power for help in our struggle to affirm our own existence against the forces of nature that tend towards our destruction.

Man is driven by his own nature and his own desire to persevere in his own being individualism towards sociability.

The Politics of Spinozism – Composition and Communication (Part 2 of 2)

This site ans cookies. In this revised and augmented English translation of his classic, Spinoza et la PolitiqueEtienne Balibar presents a synoptic account of Spinoza’s major works, admirably demonstrating relevance to his contemporary political life.


In successive chapters, he examines the political situation in the United Provinces during Spinoza’s lifetime, Spinoza’s own religious and ideological associations, the concept of democracy developed in the Theologico-Political Treatisethe theory of the state advanced in halibar Political Treatise and the anthropological basis for politics established in the Ethics.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The notion of the power of God as splnoza power separate from that of nature is a result of the imagination which is defined as an inadequate knowledge of natural relationships and is the natural result of our desire for salvation and the impossibility of immediate knowledge of real causality pg.

The Politics of Spinozism – Composition and Communication (Part 2 of 2)

This makes a great deal of difference in terms of political theory because in Hobbes’s politiics the state will always be a limitation on man’s inherent absolute rights while for Spinoza society can actually increase an galibar power and hence right think of the positive effects of the division of labor for instance.

Spinoza was highly critical of theology; at least any theology which separated the power of nature and the power of God. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

Showing of 2 reviews. Contents Religion or Theology? Amazon Drive Cloud storage baibar Amazon. Radical Thinkers 1 – 10 of 36 books. Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart.