12 Scaling Presentation Switcher. IN User Guide. Scalers and Scan .. The Extron IN is an eight-input video and stereo audio switcher that. The IN is an economical, eight input video and RGB presentation switcher that also provides high quality upscaling and downscaling for a wide variety of. This guide provides quick start instructions for an experienced installer to set up and operate the Extron IN Scaling Presentation Switcher. Installation and.

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Page 44 Resolution selection boxThe front panel Output Rate button in15508 also be used to select most resolutions,with the following exceptions: Page 54 The ideal resolution must lie within the compatible range of the display.

The aspect ratio is set to 4: Racked three of these with a matrix switcher in one box and they make a great three screen ea.

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Eight input stereo audio switching is also provided with independent gain and attenuation control. Audio outputs — The switcher provides an unbalanced line level signal that isidentical to the input signal.

On-screen displaysare not blanked. Center selectionThe Center selection displays two status indicator bars that show, and allow you toadjust, the horizontal and vertical position of the main or picture-in-picture outputon the monitor.


For menu system operation: Show the contrast setting. Highlighting a different option by moving the does not automatically selectthat option. Audio Delay selection boxThe Audio Delay selection box provides the ability to turn audio delay on and off.

Extron IN – ให้บริการเช่าอุปกรณ์ IT

Page 60 default capture rate un1508 the specified input frequency. Use the front panel or IR remotecontrol and buttons to highlight the desired selection and press the Enter button.

The IN is housed in a 1U, full rack width enclosure and can easily be integrated into many environments. Increase the pixel phase setting. Dashed lines indicate screen changesthat are the result of a timeout function. You mayalso need to adjust the number of total pixels. Start and reduce the setting tomatch the input signal.

Make the picture shorter.

Un1508 desired, mount the switcher in a rack. ProblemPossible causeTotal pixels settingcannot be increased. Page 20 Secure the switcher to the rack using the supplied machine screws.

Extron IN1508 Eight Input Scaling Presentation Switcher with PIP

Thethird grounding pin is a safety feature, do not attempt to bypass or disable it. Many status indicator bar controls can be activated in three ways figure The switcher automatically adjusts for different input and output modes. Freezestops the image at the moment you activate the feature and outputs a stillimage. Secure the switcher to the rack using the supplied machine screws. Theinput start and active area should be manually adjusted, if necessary, to match theinput video signal, framing the active area of the input signal.


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Extron IN 8 Input Scaling Presentation Switcher | eBay

Eight IN output resolutions are not available from the front panel. Adjust the audio gain and attenuation asfollows: Page 46 Audio Delay selection in150 Audio Delay selection box provides the ability to turn audio delay on and off.

Connect audio sources to all desired inputs and connect the audio output toan output device such as an audio player. Presentations can be enhanced by eliminating distracting visual jumps, glitches, and distortion commonly seen when switching between computer and video sources.

For more enhanced, professional presentations, the IN includes seamless switching between video and RGB inputs with selectable cut or fade to black transitions. The default setting is Blackmagic Design Smart Videohub 40x Repeatedly sxtron the Enter or button to togglebetween the main and PIP windows.

Horizontal Start and Vertical Start status indicator barsThe input start controls adjust where inn1508 electronic scaling process takes effect.

Cabling and Rear Panel ViewsAll connectors are on the rear panel figure X1 is the input in the PIPwindow.