[email protected] Knows, is a book that will make readers aware of how small changes in what they follow and what they choose, can have a profound impact on their lives . [email protected] KnowsShailendra SinghRupa pagesRs You know you’ve landed a ‘different’ book to review when the author first directs you to a. The blurb for Shailendra Singh’s book ‘[email protected] Knows’ gives the impression of a self-improvement book and the author seems to have himself.

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I found the ‘Chi F? I liked it very much. May be I will mail him and ask: Whatever he told is absolutely true. I understand this word has got several different meanings other than the most usual one, but still I found it very much un-classy to use it in almost every second paragraph, every page.

I would recommend it if you are looking for gyaan and a good laugh. Some of my favourite chapters were on the lesser stressed out topics in self-help books, like the ones on eating right. But for those desultory attempts I would have thought that the book was a collection of blog posts. Paperbackpages. Nothing different from the numerous self-help books before this.

YES, It was damn funny, but the content was made me serious. Mar 25, Pratibha rated it it was ok. Mustafa Kknows Certified Kbows 11 Mar, His writing style is very casual and simple using day to day jock-boy-slang terms which I liked, he was rather blunt with his messages.

Book review: ‘[email protected] Knows’

But if you read this as a motivational book, I’m not too sure how motivated you would feel. Not to my bro or mother for sure I know. Love it’s truthfulness and openness of language and sense of humour.

The most beautiful thing of this ff is that author guidelines how’s to read this book Despite the disturbing title, which might kept you away from reading this book or keeping it, when someone asks what is that book, you’ve say F? Conservatives like me might not enjoy reading the jargon, but nevertheless it might definitely strike a chord with most of the young population of India who for me are considerably more liberal and are happy using the word.


[email protected] Knows: Buy [email protected] Knows by Singh Shailendra at Low Price in India |

I just had to find my own way with the book. This could be one of the t self-help books one could be persuaded to pick up. Finally I clicked that ,nows to review and have no regrets at all as I enjoyed reading it!! Al first kind of its book that i picked up, and i wasn’t disappointed in the expectation that it would disappoint me. Now, the author is making a point here as well.

A sports marketing guru, an advertising whiz, a Bollywood producer, a shrewd dealmaker, founder of Percept Advertising — on first glance, one may think that he has it all sorted out.

He isn’t likely to have even read this review leave alone take it seriously.

The book is all about telling and re-telling you all the facts which you already know so that you really understand them and try implementing them and @i feel overwhelmed by looking at a new you in the mirror.

He asks us to not accept substitutes for the real thing and to lobby our successes. As the back cover of the novel proclaims — What do you want from life? Author is clear about what he wants to convey. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

That he has been doing it all wrong. But when the answer is f? It might not be knws heavy intellectuals or for people who use heavy vocab or who know it all.

It has 6 different tastes like knpws, bitter, saltysweet so on. K knows”, he realized ff had lived his life not on his own terms, hence the book took place. The book is very articulately written TF but there is no coherence in the ideas.


No trivia or quizzes yet. Singh credit for putting it back into our lives. Nov 11, Tats rated it really liked it Shelves: I am not faking when I say I feel better after reading the last page. Overall it is an interesting read, having a good amount of toppings of wit and humor but able to make you understand in a simple manner what Shailendra Singh wants to convey.

Live life like you give a f? Follow through on your own thoughts and ideas. Plussuch mentions make sure I am not giving this book to anyone below The book is a self-help book with a difference. But, I have to admit, some good old swearing does help to release all that pent up tension though I still don’t swear. Written in both first and second person, using the language of a layperson, readers will frequently encounter humour, slangs and blurred profanity.

He in fact is a sports know guru, advertizing whizz, a deal maker and a Bollywood producer. I have liked certain self improvement books, and i feel that they make a difference. The language is quite bold and in your face just like the author. The title intr If you are from south you might be knowing about a festival by name “Ugadi” which is also called “Gudipadwa” in Maharashtra or may be “Bisakhi” in Punjab. That’s the origin of the title of the book. That’s the way to go about it. The author’s suggestions on how to go about this are so much fun!