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After these steps have been taken, your performance on the advancement examination will be greatly influenced by your mastery of the contents of the appropriate study materials. Thus, all elements required for a complete course will be included in each unit or package.

Trmae Standard

This school is located in Memphis, Tennessee. Preparation and Service of Food The food service officer must ensure that the general mess menu is prepared by the leading Mess Management Specialist.

Record the combination on a piece of paper. Complete required mandatory Navy train- ing courses. It will just boil away. For advancement to paygrades E-4 through E-6, the candidate must have a performance mark average of at least 3. Read the preface and the table of contents.

Once you have done this, you cai then seek the paths that will enable you to achiev your goals. This column addresses itself to the enlisted supply community. The supply system is composed of two adetx types of field supply activities. The most important respon- sibility a supply department has is to furnish support to the command, ashore or afloat.

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See figure for informa- tion on FMS computation. Planning well-balanced and nutritious Detailing enlisted personnel within the Responsibility for the training and qual- ification of assigned enlisted personnel. Semester credit hours per course vary from 1 to 4 hours, with 3 hours per course being the norm.


Naturally, you can’t serve the most popular meal day after day. Defense Supply Depots The defense supply depots stock semiperish- able food items for issue to all services. In the flche provision bulk storeroom, either a storekeeper or a Mess Management Specialist may be in charge.

The basis should include teechnique demonstration of performance, although this is not mandatory.

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The leading Mess Management Specialist and the FSO should cooperate and coordinate all duties to the maximum; each supporting the other. Pork, fish, poultry, and veal must always be well cooked no matter what method is used. The trainee must be thoroughly trained in safety tehcnique and requirements before opera- tions of foodservice or food preparation equip- ment.

Operation and upkeep of equipment assigned to the supply department. The treasurer is also responsible for and supervises the cleaning of equipment and spaces assigned to the mess and its members.

It is at this selec- tion point that the MS detailer can assist senior MSs by providing insight into current career opportunities and the availability of assignments. Since most trainees are yechnique apprehensive, a relaxed environment, whenever practical, will help trainees overcome anxieties in the initial stages of qualifications. Do not just quote the book. A good supervisor knows that some people are able to work well on their own with limited supervision, and some need more extensive supervision.

The president looks after the welfare of the members and sets the example of conduct and deportment expected of the members. The number of foodservice attendants assigned to the general mess and to the chief petty officers’ mess will be based on the adeys of the ship’s manning documents SMDs or other staffing criteria and on the actual onboard strengths.

Detailing nonrated fixhe foodservice attendants for duty in the general mess for a recommended period not to exceed 90 days. The leading MS must also ensure that orders and instructions are adhered to in regard to food conservation. Mess Adetts Specialists com- pleting an authorized apprenticeship under the National Apprenticeship Program will be awarded a Certificate of Apprenticeship Completion by the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, Depart- ment of Labor. However, if cash sales or other cash transactions are made through these service activities or if material intended for ultimate cash sale is stored in them, they must be treated as group III spaces for key security purposes.


Final multiple score computation Continued. The Secretary of the Navy is assisted by members of the execu- tive branch. It is an impor- tant part of your PQS program. The DPSC operates separate distribution systems for perishable and semiperishabie food items to provide the best response to requests from supply points.

All keyless padlocks must be three- combination, manipulation-resistant type. Material support functions relate to operational and maintenance requirements, while service functions entail operating service facilities.

No one attached to the mess is per- mitted to incur indebtedness in the name of the mess without the written approval of the treasurer. When you read about a process, a skill, or a situation, try to see how this information ties in with your own past experience. The objec- tive of the apprenticeship program is to develop Navy-oriented journeymen who by using their technical skills 2n the Navy may also qualify for employment upon retirement or expiration of enlistment.