For Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega”. Final Fantasy XIII-2 has three Ultimanias to its name, those of Battle, Scenario and Omega. Omega has a picture of Lightning on the cover. Its ISBN is. Following our report from the other day hinting at a possible sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2, the rest of the interview contained within the game’s.

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Don’t include major spoilers in a post title. Click here to read our rules in more detail! The toilet quote was hilarious.

FF Ultimania Omega – Chrysalis

The art staff commentors – People ulttimania – Eidolon chapter – Enemy chapter – Location chapter – Storyboard chapter – He starts using six sword attacks in quick succession, and can use Blitz, Launch, and Cross Slash in a single turn.

Gilgamesh’s xii powerful attack at this stage is Divider, a cinematic attack that deals heavy damage to all characters and inflicts Daze on one of them. The player should queue in the spells 1x Deprotect, 1x Deshell and 4x Imperil. Although this game hasn’t brought the “happy ending” for Lightning that Toriyama promised before in the Ultimania Omega for 13he hopes to tell more stories from the Fabula Nova Crystallis.

ultkmania For maximum damage potential in the second stagger, the team leader should keep interrupting Gilgamesh by only attacking when the teammates don’t so that he won’t have the chance to counter with his Eerie Soundwave.

They had a few fun ideas for her but then decided to change her character.



I’m quoting now directly to be sure to get it right: That’s why Caius tries to reduce the number of possible futures to the point where there is only the one inevitable future, where the world is destroyed. One can note when Gilgamesh will use Divider when he jumps backwards and begins strafing, though he will not jump backwards if he decides to use it after Vendetta or Cross Slash, though he will strafe.

Gilgamesh also use Divider as soon as he has ultimannia from stagger. New to Final Fantasy? This board is infested with idiots.

Hope will be an important part of the plot, feeding information via wireless communication. I will try to accommodate any wishes, I just need to know what parts are the most interesting for the community. Keep it civil – Please be polite and respectful to others. The story was meant to take place some years afterward. We allow self-promotion at a I hope u make the next installment with lightning sareh noel and cauis and there realationship quaret hard to follow. He silently allows Serah and Noel to solve the Paradoxes as the world is still heading for its destruction.

So he just wants to shorten her suffering by ending the world sooner. Fknal been waiting in this Coliseum for so very long now! The Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega details the origins of the swords and it is said Gilgamesh found Excalibur in a hidden room in Alexandria ; Muramasa from the ruins of Zanarkand ; Zantetsuken from World Band it is implied to belong to a manikin as it is said to be made fonal crystal and to be “just a husk”, though Gilgamesh also suggests it is a nail shed by Chaos ; the Masamune from a poisoned river in Doma ; and Bashosen Gilgamesh had custom-made using his old friend Enkidu as inspiration in Cocoon of Final Fantasy XIII.


Gilgamesh can use Blitz and Launch in the same turn. Create account or Sign in. His motivation to end the world comes from the fact that he has seen Yeul die many times and knows that the world is going ultimaniaa end in AF anyway.

Forgot your username or password? Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Omega has a picture of Lightning on the cover.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega set for release – Nova Crystallis

In the second battle, it is recommended to stagger Gilgamesh and then apply debuffs. So wait…there is not going to be any more DLC?

The goal was to stop Alyssa from killing Hope. Retrieved from ” http: Thus I will give you a detailed table of contents with commentary, so that you the community can tell me, which point you want ulrimania hear about first.

When Serah an Noel solve the Paradoxes, which they encounter, the possibilities of the future broaden. I realized even just summarising one bit will take much time and place.