Fluval FX5 is suitable for huge turtle tanks having capacity up to liters. This is the maximum capacity that any aquarium external filter has till now offered. The Fluval FX5 is a large capacity, multi-stage external canister filter system. U.S. Gal. ( L)/H, enabling precise management of water conditions for. Hey, you came here looking for the Fluval A (FX5) but that item has been replaced with the equally capable Fluval A (FX6). The Fluval FX6 High.

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When you have a large aquarium, you surely need to provide large filter too for cleaning the water. The water will acquire its fine state for fish when it is clean. The water gets dirty when the fish defecates, or the part of the body from fish comes off like its skin.

Here, the filter will do the cleaning process and make the purity of the water stable. Lfuval FX Series is the product which most people recommend for bigger aquarium when it comes with the powerful filter. This filter series actually is a canister flvual external filter. The external filter is the filter where is placed outside the aquarium instead of the inside of the aquarium itself.

We find that most fish tank filters come in the inside as it provides more portable placements, but as this is the big sized one, the external design is quite beneficial here. You get fx many advantages more when you have found out the details in this canister filter and now, let us see the details here. The design of this both filter is quite bulky. Here, the weight of FX5 is 8 kg and FX6 is 7 kg which is really heavy to be carried around. The size of this product is pretty big too as it comes in 37 x 37 x 58 cm on FX6 slightly larger than FX5.

The large dimension that may cause trouble when you put it inside your aquarium, but an extremely good size too because the power which produced is quite wonderful with power under 50 watts. Basically, both filters have similar specifications, it suitable for up to L US Gal for fresh and saltwater aquariums.

It is such a great tank and commonly, fouval will be many kinds of fish there. These high numbers of fish will surely make you have an extra job for cleaning. The water which is given can be flowed well too with this filter. The filter will provide flowing water which is good for the fish environment.

Fish will live better, and they will have less stress when the water is flowing. The flowing water can take more oxygen from the air compared to the still one. Fluval Fx6 comes with new filter media and carbon unlike Fluval fx5 part.

Fx6 had a new pump and designed to handle the pressure so there is less reduction on flow compared to fx5.

A great feature that used for making excellent pumping power with a high volume of water and provides optimal filter performance. Many people who have experienced its cluval capability said that the power is quite reliable. It makes a good flow of water which is optimum.

FX Series Canister Filter – Fluval FX5 vs Fluval FX6 Reviews

The fish get healthy and less stress too and on the top of them, it provides durable power which can last for a long time with maximum performance. Also, the newer FX6 containing some features changes. One of the new features on the Fluval FX6 are the two indicator dials located on the top of the unit. Inside the filter, you will get the efficient and effective filter here.


The filter made with fine holes which are strong. Debris and many other things will not be stuck badly rluval the filter as the filter is sleek and healthy. The fd5 can bear much debris and impurities too as it is really strong one and durable. Its durability is the top class, and it makes a perfect use for a long change as the filter media will be sold separately from f,uval filter itself. You should not buy the filter wholly when your canister is broken.

The filter media is also made with multi-stage canister filter system. This is a system where the filter is made in layering design. The layering design maximizes the usage of the filter as the filtering process will happen multiples times.

The more fish tank filters which work will surely provide better cleanness of water and freshness too. The impurities and waste can be separated from the water so the content of the water is fluvao much more pleasing. Tx5 is clear and fresh with a crystal look in it. The clog-proof strainer is really cool feature to ensures continuous water flow, even when covered with solid waste. I believe that you may find that the clog-proof feature is really troublesome here. The trouble which you find here is the fs5 of the flow production which is reduced when the pipe rluval.

The strainer prevents such condition happens, and it is one of the best features which credible filter for aquarium should have. Wet impurities often create clog quickly and with the strainer, such condition can be overcome.

Fluval FX5

To make the cleaning process get more crystal clear, you will have the six foam filter blocks here. Foam is the most important part when it comes to trapping large debris or the smooth one. The pores in the foam will become a place for attaching the impurities so it will not return to the aquarium.

In most cases of Fluval FX Series, the foam is the one which should often be cleaned. It provides really nice entrapment which will make you have a healthy and clean aquarium. You will also be able to regulate the water flow from this external filter.

The water flow is controlled by the click-fit Aquastop valves. This is an excellent feature which will make a perfect and easy control over the water. You can easily widen or shrink the hole for the water to pass.

That is the most important part which will make you have an excellent flow of water. The flowing of water can be adjusted according to your wish because different fish may have diverse needs of water too. You can use it for salt water or fresh water aquarium.

Some filter will not work well with certain water because of its corrosive characters. Salt water tends to be more corrosive than the fresh water, and that is why not all canister filters can handle salt water. Salt water will rust the metal quickly than fresh water, and it will not be good news. Once the structure of the filter rusty, the durability will reduce highly. With the material used in this filter, the durability can be boosted highly as it is stainless.

Here is a snippet of some of the main features according to the official website.

Now, we also need to find some benefits which are blessed with this filtration system. It is a system which is dedicated to any person who wants to use this stuff and to eliminates the need for manual siphoning. Here, it comes with plug and plays design where you just need to connect it to the electricity source and then the tool will work.


It is really profitable for you who do not really know how to operate this stuff. Dluval can set the flow quickly too here. To learn the maintenance and small setup in this canister filter, you will experience the first part of the DVD guide.

It provides you with thorough support. Every detail is mentioned for giving you the best and understandable steps for getting the finest result. It will not be a troublesome guide with much nonsense, but it comes with really good practical directions for doing it.

The action is better than speech and it is applied well in this filter. You will get the proper maintenance, and your filter will last for a long time till you will not remember how much the price for buying it is. The work of this ffx5 is extremely quiet for the larger external filter.

Fluval FX5: Filters | eBay

With a big size, it does not provide really annoying sounds. With less vibration, there will be less sounds come from this filter.

It keeps your aquarium peaceful so you will not get any unpleasant feeling when you are spending your time besides the aquarium. Watching fish in an aquarium is quite calming and soothing so you can escape for your daily thought of problems. There are some disadvantages too which you will get. First, you get heavy weight which is kind of less portable stuff. It makes you have a hard time for dealing with its placements. Then, the foam is not really durable so you need to change it over time.

The part of the foam can scatter easily when you squeeze it too much when you are cleaning it. For that reason, you just need to give good cover upon the foam which is used for trapping the impurities for returning to the aquarium.

Both filters have same good performance. The different is the size of the dimension though the difference was only just a little and some of the features supporting like two maintenance indicators on the top Fx6. But if you decide are going to buy this external filter, you must be considered is Fluval Fx5 canister filter are discontinued currently, so you can buy them used only.

You see that the feature of this filter is quite advanced. The Fluval FX Series has an amazing range of advanced feature, it is designed with best spare parts which are solid and powerful.

The filtering process happens in really reliable way with the combination of foam and filter there. The motor provides a powerful flow of water. The usages are easy although it also has some lacks.

Overall, this is the best external filter that should be used for the large aquarium by many people because offering super capacity in a compact canister filter and provides really amazing performance with many benefits in it. Hey there, how often would you need to change out the filter media if you run a pretty lightly stocked tank? I have a gallon tank with some pretty small community fish in fz5. I usually replace the media filter once a week but of course, it depends on how flual our tank is.

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