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Hopefully you found a question to your answer but as per. FM lvl 3 instructors can only certified all other soldiers in lvl 1. Only a lvl 4 can certify lvl 1 and. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. provide extensive information about FM ( ).

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To prevent injuries, the instructor must consider the following safety precautions before conducting combatives training. Seek maximum efficiency with minimum effort. The instructors use these techniques during each initial training session. After the initial warm-up, training drills can be used to further warm up. A program should not begin with techniques that will take dm long time to master.

FM 3-25.150 Combatives

This teaching method allows the instructor to explain in detail the sequence of each movement. The safety of the soldiers should be the primary concern of the instructor and his assistants.

225.150 buddy kneel behind you with his hands on your knees. Sit on ground facing buddy with legs extended and spread as far as possible. Repeat two or three times. A common area for teaching hand-to-hand combat is a sawdust pit. Pads enable soldiers to feel the effectiveness f, striking techniques and to develop power in their striking. Emphasis is placed on the basic ground fighting techniques, gradually introducing standup fighting and fight strategy. Training can be conducted using the crawl, walk, and run techniques, which may be applied on two levels.


25.1150 instructor training at least five hours weekly to maintain a high skill level. Mastery of these moves will result in more proficient fighters than exposure to a large number of techniques will. Use occasional humor to motivate 33, but avoid degrading or insulting them. Include natural obstacles such as streams, ravines, ridges, and thick vegetation. Training pads can be requisitioned through supply channels or purchased locally. Enter Your Email Address. The result would be almost uniform disillusionment with combatives in general.

The primary instructor is free to control the rate of the demonstration and to stress key teaching points.

FM 3 Combatives : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The soldiers can see how to apply the move being taught in relation to the instructor or demonstrator. It also discusses unit training, training areas, teaching techniques, and safety precautions that must be considered before conducting combatives training.

The crawl, walk, run approach to unit training ensures a high skill level throughout the unit and minimizes the risk of training injuries. Bend left leg with sole touching to inside of the right thigh. Successful unit combatives programs continue to focus on the core techniques taught in the basic training or OSUT program. Hold this position for 20 seconds, then alternate and have him pull you into a stretch. Although striking is a inefficient way to end a fight, it is a very important part of a fight.

Command emphasis is the key f, a successful combatives program. This chapter discusses the trainer’s role in teaching and sustaining effective hand-to-hand combat.

Soldiers engage in full sparring and competitive matches. Instructors also pair soldiers according to height and weight. The primary instructor talks himself through the demonstration. During this phase, soldiers practice the new techniques by the numbers, but with more fluid movement and less instructor guidance. They must review and be familiar with this manual. Studying the new techniques in this method ensures that the movements are correctly programmed into the soldiers’ subconscious after a few repetitions.



This builds the soldier’s confidence in the technique, allows him to develop a clear mental picture of the principles behind the technique, and gives him confidence in his ability 25.1150 perform the technique f an actual attack. The buddy’s weight is supported by your shoulders 225.150 little weight is placed on the thighs. This is a suggested training program for basic training or OSUT.

At the same time, the defender steps to the inside of the attacker off the line of attack and moves into position for the right-hip throw. Given nine lanes on a meter bayonet assault course over irregular terrain with four types gm targets: Use a variety of targets to provide experience in different attacks. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat. Position feet inside ankles of buddy. Sawdust pits are designed to teach throws and falls safely, but are not very suitable for ground fighting. Soldiers may use light blows to other vulnerable areas; however, they must exercise caution at all times.

Training pads are highly recommended to enhance training Figure