You asked for it here it is! The Project Planning Book written by Stacey David. Want to know the difference in this book and our previous project build book?. We just ordered some more and they will ship to you by 4/ Get your order in now while you can! Go check it out now. these are a great way to keep track of everything you do on your project.

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Simple categories like “Tasks”, “Parts” and “Tools”, and a way to keep photos would be cool, wouldn’t it? During his college days at Boise State Universityhe spent the time that would have otherwise been spent in a “boring” Biology class learning how to race at the local tracks. Install defroster vents again 4. Install builx for clutch slave cylinder 3.

Stacey David | CARS YEAH

My concept is a practical combination between full-on rotisserie and rolling resto, knowing my limits. Great Cars Yeah show! Windshield stay rod 8. Install carpet kit Install throttle cable Love “An MG is Born” series!

See post 8 in this thread for a list that Peter NOHOME posted – this plus many of the others here should make a great start on a comprehensive template.

Interior rear view mirror System: I now live in the Nashville area and have hopes of being able to meet a hero! Install buffers for bonnet to fender Kinda motivated me to get on with it, actually along with “Wheeler Dealers” and “Fast n’ Loud. Egarz of these projects are unique in terms of the final results.


These are some great lists and downloads. Install hood support rod Every little bit helps and we will greatly appreciate your support.

Stacey David

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Or just a rolling restoration.

During the eight years he hosted Trucks! Mount fuel pump 6.

Buy Special Books : Stacey David’s GearZ – Project Build Book on Sale as of 12/31/ EST

Adjust quarter windows to avoid crack of doom I enjoy the Stacey shows also. Keep ’em coming as I’m sure others like Bob are interested too! The types of vehicles David works on range from off-road four wheel drives to hot rod street trucks to around the woods all-terrain vehicles —or just about anything else that has an engine and some way to steer it.

He was an easy going personality and gave me few hints on what to look out for during the restoration. Thanks for the great podcast and thanks to Stacey for his work and deceny. Paint Steering knuckle in eng compartment 2. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Soft line to carbs 9. Install steering wheel cowl Install heater control cable 3. The problem I am having is not being able to find anyone that will restore the anodized aluminum.


The MG Experience

Overflow from floats Having trouble posting or changing forum settings? Find one missing clip for brake line hold-down P 5. In reply to by John Reynolds See post 8 in this thread for a list that Peter NOHOME posted – this plus many of the others here should make a great start proect a comprehensive template.

You could do the same list for dismantling. I donated to and use this spreadsheet But I’ll share my own creation for posterity if one really doesn’t exist! Adjust the bloody things until happy with window action 8. In the late s he hosted and produced a new TV show called Trucks where he designed and built fantastic rides. Build fuel line from pump to engine compartment 3.

If not, that’s cool. Eager to gexrz the opportunity, David joined Mel Fair to host the show beginning in its season. Install scuttle vent needs clips I’m not anal-retentive or super-analytical, but that’s why I’ve learned to have a list. Install alloy finishers at rear corners of bumper Install trim around shifter.