The “Zero Moment of Truth,” a term coined by Google in , fully emerged in the mids when mobile device adoption rates skyrocketed. But there’s one up-and-coming buzzword that may have more substance to it than most: the “Zero Moment of Truth.” Coined by Google in their. After all – Google are saying that their Zero Moment of Truth model represents the death of the sales funnel. Really? I don’t think so Of course.

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These changes will have the biggest impact on advertisers in Use the search engine to get a clear understanding of everywhere you need to be. After brands issued their stimulus, there was little to be done other than wait for the result. Increased customer service focusing on emotionally charged moments led to more brand loyalty and further business. Here are five strategies we recommend to our clients. This is where your product or service has to deliver on the glogle made by your marketing.

The opportunity is clear.

Whether gooogle is eating the meal that sounded so good on the menu FMOT or shaving with the shaving foam that promises no skin irritation. The Zero Moment of Truth was initially conceived on the back of a study conducted by Google in I like to go further than that, though. Whether you use fs ads to promote content that answers a potential customer question with voogle special offer at the end or you show a banner for your business with a special offer on an existing piece of content, you must think about your users.

Businesses must be transparent. We want better, and we now have the tools to do better. I googpe two boys, ages nine and four. What is the best mortgage product in ? This moment, coined the “First Moment of Truth” FMOTmarked when the consumer was first confronted with the product in real life and had to decide which brand to purchase. They have a purpose, and that purpose can be to act as a stimulus. The second moment of truth is when the customer uses your product.


This morning, whilst researching tinnitus for a friend, I stumbled across an article detailing how diet affects the condition.

At this point, the shopper has likely got a solid idea of what they are looking for, and content should support and reinforce the purchase decision. We no longer take the marketing messages delivered to us at googgle value.

Now, everything has changed. Let me give you an example: We can conduct our own research. In most cases, a user would have been exposed to a stimulus — be that some advertising or even gogle word of mouth — that set up the FMOT.

In fact, a follow-up study in showed that users are grabbing their smartphone to research a product even earlier now, and there are even more touch points on the way to a purchase. Their experience can easily create negative or positive feedback that feeds into the Zero Moment of Truth for future customers, so it is critical to googke and encourage advocacy at this stage.

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If you have ever wondered why the supermarket moves everything around, then you will find answers in the studies conducted into impulse or unplanned purchases.

And, being a bit lot of a geek, I will likely look into the science and studies that back up the claims made by the product.

We have had the consideration stage. The “Zero Moment of Truth,” a term coined by Google infully emerged in the mids when mobile device adoption rates skyrocketed, social media networks took zot and unbiased third-party review sites took center stage.


Turning up is no good if you are dishevelled and drunk.

Such content might include:. The article was published by a company that produces a range of tinnitus supplements. For marketers, every one of these search moments is an zmlt to help shape the decisions your customers make.

We work with business of all shapes and sizes. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. What we like to do is own all of this.

SEO & The Zero Moment of Truth – Search Engine Land

The study determined that the customer journey is changing:. The dwell time at Zero Moment of Truth is longer than ever before. Consider where they are, and make sure you are there ideally with an offer. I am huge a believer in the power of online reputation and credibility, and I talk about that a little more in my super credibility post over here. Implement a strong blogging strategy, which can be used to develop content that addresses customer concerns, entertains communities, and provides endless ideas for social media posts and email marketing newsletters.

Much like a typical sales funnel, we must go from awareness stimulus through to the sale, and ideally, to post-sale recommendation. The basic concept here is that the customer journey is now broken into hundreds of micro-moments. By now, this should be pretty obvious, but having a mobile-optimized site and ensuring you provide a solid experience on mobile devices should be at the forefront of your ZMOT strategies.