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Bugs are mostly gone, and I’ve added a bunch of nifty new features. Cleric, Fighter, Thief, and Wizard from this post. Or you can download the package.

charactef In the meantime, you can try it out here. This package does a good job at that, if I do say so myself: A few things to note: Is it somehow possible to save the document with the filled-in data? Includes a few simple auto-calculations. Please note, the Feint maneuver is not included!

You can even include character art: Originally Posted by mook Oops, apparently it is something I can do on my end who knew? Until that changes, sharing any version of it infringes the copyright — purchasing the PDF version of the book is the only way to get it and note, it is not form-fillable. If you really want the one-page version, the best I can suggest is to scan in one of the sample characters then digitally delete all the character-specific stuff.

Random Fantasy Culture Name Generator. Four cards per sheet. Hopefully that will help. July 20, Also available for individual download. I may overhaul some of the guts too, which now look a little old-fashioned compared to things like React. I’ve just received permission to create the PDF’s direct from the book, and pass it along. Details in this post.

  ANSELL 11-800 PDF

That looks like it’ll be quite a handy little sheet. My players just never seem to use it. The bug in question affected the cost calculations for certain modified traits. February 14, Hell on Wheels All of the notes and characters for a convention game of bikers and werewolves I ran at Gatewayas described in this post.

I’ve been working on this off-and-on since then, and I’ve put many more hours into it than I care to admit. In addition to the blank one, there is also a filled-in sheet as an example of what it looks like with some info on it screenshot. Find More Posts by sjard. I’ve gotten pretty good with javascript, my family misses me, and this thing now works pretty well, so I’m going to decide that I’m done. Happy to hear any feedback and suggestions for improvement. As long as you keep in mind that this is not in any way a character generator, just a convenient way to create legible sheets of characters that are already created, you won’t be disappointed.

GURPS C-Sheet Package

September 20, Updated: October 09, Character Sheet No Attribute Calculation Blank character sheet, as above, except Attribute costs only are not calculated. Prerequisites, defaults, and trait adjustments for skills all work properly.

Not tried with Windows browsers yet. Doesn’t proofread forum posts before clicking “Submit”. A couple years ago I decided that I wanted to learn javascript a little better. Doing it this way also means that my ‘app’ can be either something you put on your computer characted, or you can just use it like a web page. I thought the newest version of Adobe Reader allowed you to save forms GURPS 4th edition, landscape layout 2.


This package has matured a good bit since I put it up here 3 years ago. It may be a little while before I make my next release, which should be 2.

GURPS Character Sheet | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Some years ago I wrote some software to generate random names for characters belonging to some fantasy cultures: There are a eddition other online character sheet managers out there already, but they don’t really try to create a nice-looking character sheet for viewing or printing.

You should load the Toovtekki. Blank character sheet, as above, except Attribute costs only are not calculated. GURPS 4th edition, my layout.

GURPS Character Sheet

GURPS 4e, my 1 page layout. Please try re-downloading and see if you can save in Reader now.

But all of them are stand-alone, load-onto-your- Windows -computer apps, with prerequisites like Java. To address this, there are already several decent character sheet management software packages. All times are GMT Originally Posted by OldSam Looks really nice! Table displaying various grenades and their effects broken down by distance in yards from point of explosion, as explained in this post.

GURPS Character Sheet

After a quick bug-spotting, I have updated the ‘live’ code on the site for v1. Set in the multi-dimensional city of Locus. Extremely simplified collection of GM info for running streamlined games.