The story from II Pecorone centres on the adventures of a young man called Giannetto,l who corresponds to Shakespeare’s. Bassanio. He is the godson of a. Appendix 4: Il Pecorone. IL PECORONE is a collection of tales by Ser Giovanni. It was written in Italian at the end of the. 14th Century and printed in Milan in. The Pecorone of Ser Giovanni, now first tr. into English by W. G. Waters; choicely illus. by E. R. Hughes. Main Author: Giovanni, Fiorentino, 14th cent. Related.

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Wherefore Madonna Giovanna cried out: Thus we fell into such grief that, for the whole of our voyage, we knew not what merriment was, deeming you to be dead.

Well nigh pecorne the gentlemen and the ladies shed tears over his departure, so gracious had been his carriage with everyone what time he had abode in Venice, and thus he departed and returned to Belmonte.

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A few days later a letter came to her, telling her that her son was dead ; whereupon, being a wise woman, she took thought and said, f I see there is no one in the world who is free from sorrow. Then he ran over to the cardinal, saying, c Monsignore, Petruccia has come back. One day it chanced that the lady and the waiting- woman were together at the window, when the last-named let forth a deep sigh ; whereupon her mistress asked her what ailed her. Ser Giovanni is certainly much more successful in the construction of his stories than in the setting which he devised for peocrone.

Munday – Shakespeare 3. Ser Giovanni, though he was a Guelf, was first of pecoroone an Italian, and he, like Italians of every faction, had iil good word to say for the papacy sitting in con- tented degradation over the Alps, after having been lured thither by fraud to become the tool of that French king who was the suspected assassin of the virtuous Italian pope who had stood in the way of his scheming.

She, when she observed his doings, was well advised that this scholar was beginning to be enamoured of her.

If I so long in angry mood have striven, That was the fault of this same traitor loon Whose slanderous tongue thy love from mine hath riven ; Wherefore, I pray thee, hold me now forgiven, So thou to me, and I to thee be near. His bird is of gold, made hollow within so that Prince Arrighetto may use the same as a vehicle. Giovanni, Fiorentino, 14th cent.


Wherefore Ceccolo remained for some time in Messer Lapo’s service. It is indeed true that I am no friar, but a woman, as you know full well.

Then the lady said to him, ‘ You have heard what I told my husband ; now go down and rate him soundly, and take a stick with you and thrash him as hard as you can. Being taken with desire to see the world, he embarks on a ship ip sails to the port of Belmonte.

Whereupon Madonna Corsina betook herself in friendly wise ik the house of this young lady, who graciously bade her enter, and told her that she was a thousand times welcome.

Then she went back to bed, and in what a pass she found herself everyone may well imagine.

Full text of “The Pecorone of Ser Giovanni”

He took an account of all that had passed back to the master, who answered and said to him, ‘ What you have done pleases me much, and I am quite contented. The lady lay down beside him, but he woke not till it was past nine o’clock the next morning. Pceorone again, who was certainly the con- temporary of Ser Giovanni, is another instance in point.

After these three friends in their three ships had sailed on several days it chanced that early one morning Giannetto caught sight of a certain gulf in pcorone was a very fair port, whereupon he asked the captain what might be the name of the place.

pecoorone On this account all the Venetian merchants came there to entreat the Jew, but he grew harder than before, and then Messer Giannetto offered to give him pecornoe thousand, but he would not take them; then he advanced his offer to thirty, then to pecirone, then to fifty, and finally to a hundred thousand ducats.

To The Reader 1. But it fell out that Ceccolo continued to be still ul with love for his lady; wherefore, finding her one day alone, he said to her, f Madonna, I commend myself to you, inasmuch as, of everything God has created, there is naught I have ever loved and reverenced so much as yourself, and as to the past you may determine whether this be true or no.

After she had given the lady saluta- tion, she said, c Madonna, is there pecorpne these wares of mine any- thing which it would please you to possess? Wherefore I desire that you go to him after my death and give him this letter. It chanced that the Pope convoked a consistory to refute the subtleties of Messer Giovan Piero, another doctor of Paris, and a noted heretic ; where- upon Messer Alano, having entered the chamber under the abbot’s cope, took part in the dispute. Judged by the standard of the age, Ser Giovanni’s stories are pure both in form and spirit.


Beyond calling attention to a few of the more prominent inaccuracies copied by the author from Villani’s pages, nothing has been attempted by way of correction, a task which in some cases would have swelled the footnotes pecroone a bulk equalling that of the text. I ever keep her image in my breast ; Her love I prize, her constancy revere. The era in question was a momentous one in the history of Florence.

On this account I want you to do me a great service, to wit, that you will sew for me with your own hands a shirt which I may send to my son, who has begged me pecoone a gift of the same.

They said to Giannetto, ‘You ought to give yourself the pleasure of a voyage with us, in order to see the world, especially Damascus and the parts thereabout. Chronologically it seems to have been some years later than Dante, and it was certainly one of the earliest of Italian printed books.

Buondelmonte said, J I will let you see her willingly, but I desire that you speak not to her in my house. As soon as pecoronne was day the lady arose, and made them begin unload the ship, which was filled with rich and fine merchandise.

Then, when he had learnt all, Messer Ansaldo said, ‘Listen to me, Giannetto, and give over grieving; for, as long as I have you back again, I am contented. Landau, in his ” Beitrage zur Geschichte der Italienischen Novelle,” employs this incident in support of a theory that the author of the 1 “Sfolgorato e cacciato dalla fortuna, come nel presente libro leggenao potrete vedere.

The Pisans invade Majorca and the Florentines send a guard for their city. As far as I am concerned, I am in no mind to go back to her, and Pecprone will advise you also to entangle yourself no farther with her.

I gave her but one loving tender sign.