IRFA datasheet, IRFA circuit, IRFA data sheet: FAIRCHILD – Advanced Power MOSFET,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic. IRFA Advanced Power MOSFET FEATURES. Avalanche Rugged Technology Rugged Gate Oxide Technology Lower Input Capacitance Improved Gate. Details, datasheet, quote on part number: IRF IRFA Advanced Power MOSFET. IRFB V N-channel B-FET / Substitute of IRF & IRFA.

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The HOT seems okay. It has the label C for SUN monitor.

Burned components on power supply board in monitor AOC model: Fault is not with crt or lopt. I suspect the FBT focus circuit is bad. Usually, the H yokes are about same resistance 0. Found two pins at Q shorted. This works in most cases. Resolder video output transistors. The only marking I can still read is “”. Replacement HOT shorted after two days usage. I cannot tell what the chip number is due to a ground foil glued to the chip. Tried solder reflow of various sections with no luck.

The user does not believe this is possible. I am fairly new to the component level repair of monitors I used to just board swap so I appreciate your patience with my novice questions. The screen is barrelled at the sides squeezed in the center.

IRF634A Datasheet PDF

Also, if the D typ. The only concern I have is why the difference in R, I am assuming that the value has come from a Cct diagram?

When plugged in the relays click but the machine will not power up. I found some cracks in the PCB but after fixing these cracks and jumpering all associated tracers, the problem still persists.


Have on hand all relevant information, modelserialdate of manufacture, part location and marking, etc.

IRFA Datasheet PDF – Fairchild Semiconductor

I replaced the IC with no difference. This chassis is related to the Sony 20E03 chassis, and shares datasjeet of the same problems. On this G70 model, when there is no video with the signal cable still attached, but the picture flashes on the screen during shut-off, the usual cause is a bad rubberized-membrane control panel under the CRT facewhich must be replaced.

Where can I find datasjeet of stv or stvb ic was replaced but in vain? Replace the ic and check associated caps. Cannot adjust a proper focus. You can change quite a few parameters in Factory Mode on a DX, and could go back later to swapping yokes, if the DX17F yoke won’t work. Voltage on ic is pin I got a couple of these monitors in for repair also never found the problem but I definitly know that the problem is not on the datasheef board as I changed it with a good working datashert.

I found also burned resistor, R and I need value of that. Replaced the HOT, which was shorted.

I replaced it by resistor 1 ohm. Ring cracks are sometimes hard to find unless you look at them dxtasheet a 10x magnifier. Use a ring tester if you have one. There is also a very bright white line irf634q the middle of the screen. Need value of R source resistor of Q burnt beyond recognition. Checked that the power supply works, but apparently in a standby mode. This damages Q and T Daytek Daewoo Vatasheet monitor with no vertical sweep, only a bright line across the middle of the screen from left to right.

Micron CX monitor stopped retaining digital screen settings after power irg634a been turned off. I tested all secondary diodes the HOT, pre driver, all caps and diodes in the powers supply primary, in fact everything in the primary even the main power transformer.


This is a version of the 87C51 8-bit microcontroller, so try Philips’ datasheet at: Adjust VR to 26kv using a high voltage probe. If either is bad, check C and digital transistor Q I have also seen bad crt doing the same problem it look like a image being inserted on top of video.

This is the same Eeprom that holds all of the alignment settings also so you will have to reprogram a new one by downloading the stored datasneet in your existing Eeprom to an Eeprom burner and then burn a new Eeprom. Gateway Vivitron 17″ monitor that invariably goes into power save mode on startup.

Does anyone have the recommended proceedure for setting the current through the HOT? You’d get degauss, krf634a, but not video, because it’s bypassing the CPU.

Replaced this ic and the oscilator cap on pin 4 pin 7 says that it should have 12 volts. After replacing, the monitor and the HV came on long enough for me to see R catasheet. Closely inspect the video board satasheet the tube socket.

The worst offender is C, but also C, which tend to leak fluid out their bottoms onto the board underneath, corroding traces, and conducting high voltages to vulnerable components.

The common problem is that the display is too wide.