Contact Us. T: + 1 E: [email protected] © Copyright – IRFU. Less than a year to go! A very special fundraising initiative to help raise funds . Our Corporate Patrons. The support the Charitable Trust offers to our injured.

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The support the Charitable Trust offers to our injured players gives them the opportunity to build their lives again.

We would not be able to continue this vital chritable without the generosity of our Corporate Patrons. Many of our Patrons carry out their own fund raising initiatives on behalf of the Trust and we encourage Patrons to work with us in actively engaging others to get involved.

We very much welcome new ideas and new ways to help grow awareness for the Trust and irrfu more people involved. Our Corporate Patrons events are a great way for those who are passionate about the game to meet others who love the unique spirit of rugby. Events happen throughout the year and all Patrons are invited to be a part of these events.


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Check out our everydayhero page for more information on how to link your fund raiser to our page or simply to donate online now: Republic of Ireland Charity No.

Northern Ireland Charity No. Our Corporate Patrons The support the Charitable Trust offers to our injured players gives them the opportunity to build their lives again.

How to become a Corporate Patron. We have a duty to the game we love to support our seriously injured players. Linda Black — E: Click here to see previous initiatives.

Trust to benefit in African adventure – IRFU Charitable Trust

Have an idea for an event? To become our newest patron please contact: Please donate online now. Our seriously injured players need your support.


The IRFU Charitable Trust is registered with everydayhero to make it easier for you to raise funds and alert your friends.