James Branch Cabell was an American author of fantasy fiction and belles lettres . Cabell was well regarded by his contemporaries, including H. L. Mencken. Jurgen [James Branch Cabell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. James Branch Cabell’s career was short-lived – his works fit neatly within. James Branch Cabell’s Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice went before a court in and became a bestseller, but today Cabell has met the fate of.

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A fantasy classic from Despite all its impieties, the book ends up in a very sentimental place–and a very modern one, too. I have never read anything quite like Jurgen before. Lewis, Mencken, the Fitzgeralds… or Wilson? L Mencken called cabsll the greatest living American writer; F. The main character is a phantom as the Baron of Mulchausen, and he invented stories. If so, go and read Jurgen. Open Preview See janes Problem? I would reommend it for fantasy readers who are curious to know about the pre-Tolkien roots of the modern fantasy publishing field.

Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice; by James Branch Cabell

It’s interesting to see an author’s banch at work like that. This book has the honor of being one of the strangest and impossible to summarize that I have ever read. The overall message showed the timelessness of man’s search for meaning during a midlife crisis, knowing that it is closer than ever thought.

And living seemed to Jurgen a wasteful and inequitable process.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. A weird tale, to be sure, but pretty amusing, perhaps particularly in its observations on religion.

You could see that as anti-feminist and indaring to suggest that women could be just as horny and depraved as men was indeed liable to bring accusations of misogyny.

Nobility against a hopeless universe. His characters are too weak, even if he does posses a big imagination. On the surface, this is a picaresque, wryly funny tale about a man with a very high opinion of himself whose wife is carried away by a devil, and who goes on a long, rambling journey through fantastic and mythical realms to find her, populated by figures from his own past, ancient greece, arthurian legend, etc.


She doesn’t die; she is just lost.

James Branch Cabell (Author of Jurgen)

There is even a scholarly introduction discussing the provenance of the tale: These include prose poems, anagrams, subtle uses of Greek, Norse, Russian, and Persian mythology, metafiction, and metaphor and symbology out the wazoo.

In fact, he avoids such uncomfortable thinking really quite devotedly. T This is my favorite book. Are you interested in cultural and sociological modern history, and would appreciate satire directed iurgen early th century American society?

Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice by James Branch Cabell

One can imagine an annotated version–one that traces the book’s references both backward in time and forward through those influenced by it. For now it is necessary, absolutely imperative, that I go into Armenia and take part in the mourning for Tammouz: Do you need gritty, authentic realism? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Refresh and try again.

The edition put up on Project Gutenberg was adequate for me. He goes in search of her, but in the process is granted a year in which to relive his youth.

I think Jurgen has uurgen lot to say about men’s changing relationship with women over the course of their lives, at least from an early 20th century perspective. Nov 13, Ivan Stoner rated it it was amazing.

All jurgem which is fine enough. Then the fact that this novel was banned and the author prosecuted for indecency might be a clue that this one may not be entirely up your alley. A trifling with women. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Its quite lyrical and makes good use of repetition. The novel became more widely known after the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice attempted to bring a prosecution for obscenity.


A moment of perfect happiness refused. Well, I am only mortal, but none the less I am Jurgen, and I shall endeavor to repay this sevenfold courtesy without discount. He is looking for answers: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice by James Branch Cabell – Free Ebook

The book is full of Jurgen’s sexual exploits, though couched as double entendres. As one critic of the thirties put it, it seemed as though the fields of the earth were aflame, and men starved for bread, and Cabell wandered about hawking expensive and unfulfilling delicacies. Plainly, this wife of yours is the sort of person who cannot be tolerated by anybody short of barnch angels.

Cummings and others also merited consideration; Hemingway and Dos Passos were considered by some to be promising young writers, while Fitzgerald and Faulkner were considered second-rate and Faulkner and Hemingway in particular appear to have been widely hated by critics, supported only by a minority. Vizzini is a fun character, but spending over three hundred pages in his mind.

JBC, though, eschews portentousness and opts for opera buffa. In his elegaic moments, he is reminiscent of Oscar Wilde in his prose poems and fairy jmaes, precisely and finely sculpted. Like a good mediaeval man as our school-years readings of the Canterbury Tales have taught us allhe continually resorts to quoting the auctoritees to justify his actions.

He doesn’t accepts the dogma blindly, but he also doesn’t reject divinity out of hand. The Silver Stallion 3. Cabell was well regarded by his contemporaries, including H. Cabell clearly suggests that Jurgen and his equanimity are not exceptional at all.