Jofemar Corporation was founded in as a result of a personal and innovative initiative spearheaded by Félix Guindulain Vidondo, current President of the. The Jofemar J coin mechanism equips all the necessary features so that the payment and change return process is done quickly and with complete security. Solution home Vending Technology AVT Jofemar LA Fitness. Common J Coin Mech Error Codes. Modified on: Wed, 23 Sep, at

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In an industrial space barely over square metres, current President of the Corporation begins operations for zinc plating, chroming, gilding, silver plating and, generally, surface treatments of all kinds of components and elements using electrolytic baths. A, division of the Group dedicated to national distribution and sale of Jofemar products.

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Jofemar develops its own integrated custom-built circuits and the exclusive JS3, the j22000 self-reloading coin validator in the market.

A family project that thanks to his efforts and innovation would bear fruit soon. Opening of Jofemar’s first national office. Launch of the Coffeemar range of hot beverages machines. Features an advanced microprocessor- based controller and advanced optoelectronic sensors to guarantee optimal monitoring of the product as well as efficient and reliable performance.

Although the Group has continued launching new cutting-edge products, if anything characterizes these years is diversification into new sectors and the greater, if possible, commitment to innovation and sustainability. Jofemar develops the first electronic coin validator, the JL7, solving the problem of calibration for a multi-coin validator thanks to the application of computerised and electronic procedures.

Jofemar ‘s industrial facilities, currently covering over 52, square metres, are an important part of Peralta’s urban landscape, and although everyone already knows who we are, only a few know the true significance of what lies behind this big “J”.


It allows recognition and memorisation of a wider variety of coin values and guarantees maximum reliability. Featured distributed electronics and advanced microprocessors that allowed eliminating most of the wiring.

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This kofemar, Six Vendis the precursor to the automatic tobacco delivery system and it mechanically dispenses cigarettes. Represents a qualitative leap with respect to its competitors. It featured an electronic card for the management of all the mechanisms, an automated extraction system through an internal reel that dispensed tobacco without any efforts, as well as an internal tube in the channel which allowed automatic change return. The ,dth unit of the J coin mechanism is jofemwr in Peralta.

Thanks to his courage, farsightedness and his firm commitment to innovation and diversification as a tool for learning and, therefore, growth, Jofemar has turned into a prestigious business group. Far from the traditional models for tobacco or cold drinks, Jofemar develops the ICEPLUS, a model designed for jfemar dispensing and sale of ice creams and frozen products.

Jofemar t12e – j mdb/€ – Jofemar – VendingOutlet Private Webshop

Development of the first vending machine managed by a microprocessor, Vendecor. A process of expansion and jocemar of the official sales network starts, culminating in the creation of its international commercial subsidiaries from year It operates functions with complete autonomy without connection to the electrical network.

Launch of the Vision range. Beginning of preliminary assemblies of innovative electronic components that dynamized and reinforce the Group. Capable of administering return of up to five different coin values, it means a qualitative leap in payment management.

It stands out for its modularity, versatility and interactivity. This modernisation allows different processes to be outsourced so the work in the factory focuses on end assembly and verification. Due to the economic and social changes that the Euro’s arrival brought with it, the consolidation and settling of the Group’s expansion programme or the presentation of the first machine powered by an hydrogen battery, this period is j200 ultimate confirmation of the flexibility and adaptive ability of the Jofemar Corporation since Launch of the Goya range of tobacco machines.


For more than 40 years Jofemar has been working in a process of continuous improvement jofwmar offer society and its customers the most innovative products thanks to the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies. Under the initial name of Moratiel, Jofemar Corporation whose acronym comes from its founders’ initialsstarted its activity in a small garage in Peralta as a company specialised in electrolytic baths and surface treatments.

After several years of hard work and research, Jofemar begins to develop and sell its first machines and develops the first electronic coin validator on the market. His self-taught abilities, strength and enterprising, innovative spirit allowed him to stay ahead of the times, marking the beginning of a string of successes. It joins together a unique, luxurious and inspiring design with cutting-edge technologies developed and patented by Jofemar. Designed to vend snacks and other products, it features EasyFlex, a unique flexible extraction system which eliminates the machines’ traditional coil springs.

Electronic card-operated tobacco machines begun to be manufactured and the first Jofemar vending machine is launched. The headquarters are transferred from the town to the current industrial facilities on the Marcilla Motorway.

These are the precursors to the current innovative coin mechanisms. Legal notice Cookies policy Privacy policy. Always innovating in order to keep on growing.

Launch of the Polar and City models for cold drinks and the Snack range Super Snack y Snack 13specifically designed to vend small food items.